Friday, 5 December 2008

Blobbers in training.

I know it’s not been long since my last entry but I've been in one of the best fights I’ve had since we took DHB Wildcats nightmare down.

We were sitting outside station waiting for a cane we knew was docked, me in my trusty Gist Vengeance (A hurricane class battle cruiser.) Khrane in a Tempest, and to my disgust although later I was glad it was there an old mate of Khranes in an Armageddon an Amarr Battleship. As we waited I cud sense my crews unease with sitting just off the golden bemouth, It was a new crew and probably thought what was I doing not engaging they don’t realise that even though I`m not the Amarrs biggest fan I don’t mind flying alongside my fellow Ghosts who are Amarr. After all we all left our homes behind when we sided with the Angels.

Anyhow that’s enough about politics back to the fight. As we were waiting suddenly we lost audio commutations a quick investigation confirmed that they were being scrambled. I switched to text comms just as a thorax appeared 180km away from me right on top of the sniping tempest. A quick order later and I was right on top of the 'rax. Ad he was going down four or five more contacts appeared including a few battleships. As the 'rax went down I ordered my ECM drones and firepower on the megathron and ordered the alignment to a nearby planet. Then horror or horrors my ship entered warp seems like my crew misunderstood the order. A quick outburst from me later we were back in the fray. Anyhow it was a good fight an ill think your say we won . Even if we didn’t kill everyone they didn’t kill any of us and we held the field.

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Ryan Peck said...

Nice kills Dame! And great post. I'll be following.