Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Not a good start

Not the best start to my new job for one thing I’ve just finished writing letters to family members and I hate doing that. So here’s what happened.... I was settling in to my new home had just fitted a Hurricane and found a crew for it so decided to run some space trails. Anyhow things were going well until a domi decided to pay us a visit and me in my stupid egotistic mind set engaged. It was going ok until he activated his nutes then things went bad real quick. I noticed my cap drain then saw the drones heading for me I shouted orders to activate nano bots and keep injecting power in the capacitor but it was no good. The thing that hurts me the most is the crew being new didn’t know exactly where the escape pods were so despite me giving the order to abandon ship not many survived. I was a costly lesson but I believe I have learnt it I should stick to hit and run tactics and only engage when I want to. I hope for the sake of those poor souls who lost their lives due to my stupidity that I listen to my own advice. Anyhow hope I have better news to report next time.

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