Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Back where she belongs

((this is a story i worte a while back it takes place just as dame enters AFC so isnt in time line with the rest))

I sigh in relieve as I finely hear “Docking request accepted “though the comms just as the -7- fleet after me lands. I say thanks into a private channel to the pilot who had warned me they was coming then depod and start to walk about the CVA station. How things have changed a few weeks ago the only time id be near a cava station would be if I was shooting at it and the only time I’d of been allowed inside would of been in chains.
As I walk though the promenade of Elpioth Gate I wonder how many of the Ammarians giving me strange looks wish I was in chains.
Feeling even more aware of my facial marks and Tribal clothing then ever I lean on the barrier overlooking the deck below and sigh. Who would have thought receiving that data file would change so much. Seems “Dame Death notorious outlaw and 36th most wanted in New Eden was and could be again. Eliza Mariska born and bred to serve the Empire. To be honest this sounds better then what I was.
I look towards the AFC office below and see movement. At the same time I receive a message saying I’m no longer considered an outlaw and may pass freely though empire. I swallow my fear aware of the massive decision I’m about to make and head down towards the office. As I enter I see my lucks in and the person I noticed from above was Shern the CEO of AFC and one of two of their members that helped me question if serving the Angels was the right thing to do.

A quick chat later I’m accepted into the AFC and am once again severing the Empire. As Shern opens comms with the -7- fleet camping me in to confirm I am friendly I take a look at myself in the mirror Admiring my new uniform and smile to myself. Dame Death notorious outlaw is dead. Eliza Mariska Novomod, Ex Kaimirea and defender of G5 is back where she belongs. I receive confirmation that -7- wont fire on me and head back towards my ship for the first time in months feeling at peace with what I am.

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