Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Confused again... big surprise

I will say one thing things were easier when I was with idle or even ghost for that matter. For vairous reasons mainly the fact that i dont agree with scaggas command stlye I now fly for the 24th crusade. But I am conflicted can I honesty say I'm willing to fight for a Empire that leaves me to die? I returned to the mandate mainly to find my past now that I have I have a decissen to make. Do I continue unhappily serving the Empire just because of my past or do I find something esle to kill for. I cant see me serving any of the Empires again but as Jen keeps pointing out theres more out there then that.

Speaking of jen she made a offer that was unexpected genourous and tempting were have to see what comes of it.

The only other thing worth recording I think is meeting Mynxee for the first time. I was out testing my new toy a navy slicer when I saw her on local We exchanged greetings and after a quick scan I saw she was in a firetail she saw I was in a slicer and that was it. We both agreed to a uick duel just for fun and met in a safe. Longest friggie fight ive ever had I cudnt catch her she didnt dent my armor after about ten minutes both pissing ourselves laughing we called it a day.

We had a quick chat afterwards where i think she might of picked up some of the feelings I've commented on here but it was a fun fight even if there was no winner.


Carole Pivarnik said...

Was a fun encounter (both for the fight and the conversation)...first time I have ever been in a true stalemate. Have since thought of a couple of strategies worth trying that might help met get you to a tipping point, should we ever meet again in the same ships.

Re your discontent, I hope you'll give my suggestions some serious consideration.

Dame said...

me too a faction scarm overheat for one and yeh i will