Tuesday, 1 December 2009

one step closer

I sit in my Pilgrim class recon and sigh as I think about what had happened in the past few months since I'd left the Gurista's. I was broke out my revive by the Familar voice of Amy "Cynobaby1" Reyn broke though my comm system.

"Big humpty ready to Jump."

"Roger." I sent back smiling once again to myself that I was being trusted enough to do this. "Stand by. Cyno up." I sent as I decloaked and ordered the beacon lit.

"Hold Cynobaby1. Hold. Wait for my order." The curt but soft accent of Nauticaa broke threw just as I spotted the great hull of her Thanatos class carrier appear above me so close I can see the name embroised on the green hull no prefix just "Hope". I heard Amy sign proberly wondering why after 4 unevental jumps me and Naut was insisting on doing things by the book.

"All clear bring that tub in." No sooner had Nauticaa said this then I saw the hull of thr Rorqul class captial appear beside her carrier.

Both caps docked ust as my cyno died and I docked as well. I head to the docing bay Amy is using and grin as I see Naut already there. "Had same idea then?" Naut just nods and we both snap to attenion and nod our respect as the Caldari women appears.

"You have my thanks I'll tell Mia you said hi." Cynobaby1 was cold as normal but passed me a envelope before departing I opened it and smiled inside was mine and Nauts Golden rabbit Gurista's insignas left on Cmder Choplins desk all those weeks ago. We may not be Rabbits again yet but we're one step closer.

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