Friday, 18 September 2009


A Brutor stands infront of a table a starnge look on her face and a badge in each hand. In the right the golden rabits head of the Guristas in the left the 3 rabbit skull logo of TGA,

She pins the Guristas emblem to her chest then sighs as tshe puts the TGA one into a envolped mark "Cmdr Chopin."

As she does this 4 more women a Jen-Mi, Civre, Gallente and annother Brutor enter and stand behind her each wearing the Gurista's emblem on their chest and holding a envolope of their own.

Without saying anything they each pat Eliza on the shoulder and place their envol opes next to hers.

Eliza looks to the group and without saying anything heads to the exit closley followed by the rest.

One group of freinds bound by the Guristas forever but not limited to TGA head out the door.

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