Friday, 11 September 2009

A break

I watched my last Battleship being loaded onto Nauts carrier and sighed to myself.

I am leaving TBR, Hopefuly not forever but for a while at least. I am and always will be still a Gurista but for the moment my style of combat and TBR's dont match.

I looked over to the window of section_8 and saw JD Mia and Alice standing there.

Alice... shes still a mystery to me but she is my sister. She seems still bothered by something and I will not rest until I find out what that is.

While those three remain in TGA I will be back. Just for now I can help both them and myself more by doing what Im doing.

I nod to myself as I board the transport to my new base. I will be back maybe not for a while but in the end and I'll be better at my job when I am.

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