Monday, 7 September 2009

candys excuse (story wrote for a mate)

A siren sounded though the halls of Isho V in Section_8 the few Black rabbits gathered exchanged worried looks before rushing for their ships. Even though Alarms were common in this station this particular one meant something all TBR members knew and feared. White rabbit in trouble

.In the OP's centre Federic "Gilgamesh1980" Chopin watched the Intel come in with a frown. He sighed as he realised it wasn’t Amy 'Cynobaby1' Reyn in trouble. He then frowned harder as he read the rest and activated the intercom.

"We have rouge Guristas in Jan they have taken and are holding hostage "Bad Candy."

On the hanger deck all eyes flashed towards the younger of the candy sisters. "Mean Candy" had a determined look on her face as she stepped into the pod below her Sleipnir.

The Intercom continued. "We have been authorized by HQ to eliminate these Rouges, Mean we're with you if you need us. Gil, out"

As the rest of TBR were "Saddling up." The Sleipnir of "Mean Candy" burst out the hanger."I’ll handle it." Was all that was heard before she was off scan.

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