Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bloody Amarrians.

I looked at the peice of paper in my hands for the 5th time, still not believing it. "Suspended from the Rabbits until further notice."

Sure, I'd left, but I realized this is where my heart is and returned immediately.

It seems the Drake I shot while it was neutral was kicking up a fuss. I don't know why, as he had 2 carriers and 10 bc's with him and I just had my Cane and Nauticaa in her Carrier. Not my fault they didn't have the balls.

Bloody Amarrians, guess they can't be trusted even when they fly under the Gurista flag. I truly thought Chopin was different. Hell, I gave up a shit-ton to have the pleasure of flying under him again.

Well, it's done now and I'm left with a choice: do I wait and see if I can rejoin, or take my axe somewhere else.

Thing is I have no idea where to go. I could go back to Assah where I know I'd get blues immediately and cause trouble 'round there. I could talk to Menace about going back to EAK or I could do what has been bugging me recently and rejoin my friends in the Crusade. Thing is, even though I have friends there, that is the only reason I'd return and I'm not sure I can stomach fighting for the Empire again. Or, do I take Makk up on his offer and join U'K... although I have to say, cloaks give me a rash.

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