Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New Colours, Old Sins


Unknown system.


I willed the small but powerful Purifier class bomber forward slowly careful to stay cloaked. While looking the station in front of me over.

As I passed over the top I saw the red fist painted on the stations surface. The same emblem was painted on the ships out side it. I once again checked my cloak, It didn't matter it was painted on the underbelly of my hull as well I had been fighting these guys for almost 2 years and was consided a blood traitor by many of them. Wouldn't be surprised if they saw the Amarr hull and opened up.

Not without reason did I have this tag, For the past 18months on and off I've been flying under the flag of the Amarr empire.

I increased my orbit making sure to avoid the patrol vessel's that may de cloak me. “Where was she.”

I double checked the message Sienna had sent me Yes I was in the right place so where was she.

Suddenly my proximity alarms sounded a Thanatos class carrier had landed right on top of me. I banked sharply up my cloak disengaged my heart in my mouth as I noticed the U'K markings.

“About time you showed up Eliza get that thing on bored already.” The familiar Jen-Mei voice put me at ease as I guided the frigate into one of the hanger bays.

One hour later.

I look over the table in the bar at Sienna her Jen-Mei skin almost as dark as my own.

“Its strange being on the other side I'll say that.”

She smiles weakly putting her drink down looking straight at me.

“This is it Eliza no more switching sides. Makk has given us the chance probably getting ripped into for it to. You swap again I will not follow you.”

I nod slowly knowing she speaks the truth and is serious.

“I'm as fed up as moving as you are Sienna don't worry. Going to be hard to be trusted though, Hell your have it hard enough but I'm a Brutor that's spent 2 years helping the Amarr,”

She nods and stands up heading to the Exit. “Just keep your head down fight like hell and hope for the best, It'll work out if you fight for it.”

Sienna leaves leaving me to think on her words.


Mail Lite said...

Goodluck with the new ventures DD and try and remember: Blues = Don't shoot, Reds = Kill at will


Dame said...

Mail= primary? :P

TY mate