Friday, 5 March 2010

Return to g-5 Part one



I guide my Curse class recon into the docking bay my camera drones picking up the Vagabond class assault cruiser on my flank.

I dock and as I disembark I see the pilot of the Vaga is who I thought it would be.

Karn Mithralia...... A foe I have always respected now a allie and one of the few I know still holds some respect for me.

He gives me a curt nod and we exit the hanger in silence the assault rifles over each of our backs sign that the station wasn't quite secure.

We head deeper inside going down to where the old “re educational” facility was the marines we pass given Karn a quick salute. I follow the other Brutor silently tensing as we exit the lift at the sound of small arms laser fire.

I chuck a glance to my left and see Karn already bringing his rifle to bear, I do the same knowing the marines hadn't got this deep yet.

As we round the corner still yet to say a word to each other I see 2 figures in Amarr uniforms pouring fire into a group of slaves crowed against the bulkheads.

It comes without thinking the rifle comes up and the two figures fall. Looking closer I see their Brutor and hear Karn mutter “Fucking Ammatar.” he makes a call and soon a squad of troops arrive to take care of the survivors and we continue.

We turn a corner and I stop there in front of us is the great doors of the “Re-educational” facility.

Without a word me and Karn head to the doors and standing on opssite sides push them open.
After a few barges they give way and a foul stench Emerges.

Ten months earlier

I check my weapon and head in the slaves lining the walls all securely tied. The two guards behind me point me towards the back. “She's over there.”

I nod and head over to the back ignoring the glares I'm getting from the Matari salves and reach my target.

I saw the vherokior blue eyes staring into my own silently asking for mercy. But I had my orders I put my pistol up against her head and fired.

The guards moved forward to remove the body but I wave them back. “No leave it that's what terrorists get.”

Present day

I lean against the wall and see Karn moving to support me I wave him back “I'm fine.”

I gather myself and head inside.

To be continued.........

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