Sunday, 13 June 2010

the biggest fuck up yet

A rare OOC post just cus I need to get it off my chest will do a IC one soon(tm)

Right I no stranger to fuck ups and have been making them since the day I left Preta.

But I have to say this is my biggest yet and may cause me to quit eve. About a week ago i spoke to a old mate of mine and got invited to join his Cry Havoc corp.

I've just got a Nyx for my alt so thought “hell ya time to use it.>”

unfortunately hedliner (my mate) then decided to go on holiday and his 2ic “the nova” well seems he doesn't like me :P

so after burning all my bridges I'm now corpless and tbqfh screwed.

Well that's my bitching done for now will make a IC one when I know how dames RP is going or if I quiting witch tbh I dont wanna do.

Josh/Dame/the rest of the army

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