Tuesday, 29 June 2010


The words said by Eliza Mariska CAG of the Alcys and Capsuleer at the memioral for the bomber pilots lost in the attack.

Pilots, friends.

We have just sent off 40 of our Wingmen and yes they may of survived if as some of you are saying we had just blasted the planet some of you have come to call “The shit hole” from orbit.

But think of this why when the mission was simple recon would we wanna kill that many people? The person who set the charges killed your friends not Your command staff.

Yes we took a bloody nose but we will recover and come back stronger then ever to get our revenge. Lets leave this in the past until then and think of the future.

Yes we're alone Yes this ship rarley see's the actian it deserves but NO we are not without hope.

I may be a capsuleer but as the older pilots amoungst you will know I'm nearly always up there with you I die outta the pod thats it I'm gone.

So to you I say this We will previl we will continue and we will WIN.

Now drink hearty guys send them off in style.

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