Saturday, 6 November 2010


Eliza walked out the space port and turned towards the town looking at the women beside her “Alice is gonna be pissed I flew.”

Kali, still wearing the flight suit of a home defence fighter pilot smiled and shook her head. “She'll be OK with it. After all you was defending Matari space from Sansha and she is a Kal'tu.”

Eliza chuckled “Yeh, you flew well out there today Kali.”

The other Brutor smiled “You didn't call me kid.”

Eliza looked at the women only a few days ago had attacked her and smiled “You flew well enough to earn that.”

Kali smiled again the sighed as the pair entered the dojo owned by the Kal'tus “Yeh its a shame in a way I'll rarely fly a Einherji again, I heard this morning I got accepted to Republic University's Capsuleer program.”

Eliza chuckled and slapped the other Brutor playfully on the back “Grats, and don't worry I still have time to fly my fighters now and then.”

Kali chuckled as Elizas comm beeped then frowned as she saw the expression on the other woman's face “Whats up?”

Eliza shook her head “That little.........“ She looked at Kali, “A mates sister seems to of ran away, to come to me of all people I've gotta go pick her up.”

Kali raised a eyebrow but just said “I'll fly come on” The two women rushed back towards the space port.

A week later

Eliza watched the shuttle carrying Cami and Cia take off then looked up as Kali approached rubbing the new socket on the back of her neck. Eliza chuckled “Don't worry your get used to it.”

Kali smiled a bit “Yeh hope so, So what you gonna do now the brats back with her sister and safe?”

Eliza shurged “Well Alice said she releases me from my promise to stay in the republic guess she realised I ain't welcome here.” Eliza smiled weakly “Guess I'll head back to Palmon got some friends near there and its kinda fun.”

Kali chuckled “Yeh, Knowing your kind of fun I feel sorry for people round there but hope you sort shit out.”

Eliza just shook her head as the pair walked towards the pub.

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Unknown said...

Good to hear of a new capsuleer :D

Nice story. :D