Sunday, 28 November 2010

OOC: Thats it.

Right the reason I play this game has disapeared. (seems it was a bit of bullshit)

If I wasnt basilcy playing this game solo I may of carriedon regradless.

As it is unless I find a corp I enjoy for Dame in the next week or so, I'm gonna do something I hate doing and give up.

Was fun while it lasted and No you cant has my stuff :P


Cyber Ten said...

Sad panda :(

Well i'll restate my offer that ure welcome to join us to have some fun if you want, the door is always open.

In any case i hope you find what ure looking for, would be sad to see you go.

All the best.

Unknown said...

dame! dont go!

De'Vadder said...

Thats some bad news.

What i allways tell people who are fed up: DO NOT BIOMASS! You will almost certainly come back, and be it in 6 (16?^^) months to see Incarna.
Or just try something completely new. Eve is a lot bigger than it looks from a certain niche. Nullsec warfare, Piracy (okay, thats not that new and different to you ^^), Ninja-Moon-Mining, WH... Maybe even big time industry, education of nubs, founding a corp...

Fall From Grace said...

You can't leave Eve... you might make your way to Star Trek Online... and you are too ugly to make a decent klingon!!!

But seriously.... take Cyber up on his offer and join his corp...