Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A bun in the Brutor (New name TBD)

The music carried, it carried to the gardens of the Kal'tu estate where Talis and Kali looked up briefly from their spar before continuing and it carried to the study of Kalus Kal'tu, retired general and head of the Kal'tu clan.

The old warrior frowned though not because of the Piano music carrying so far, after all the house was designed for it to. He sighed as he got up and after picking up his Khumaak and slinging it across his back headed though the corridors to the dining hall.

He stopped as he entered the hall and looked towards the piano, the tattoos on the players bare back and slightly lighter skin giving her away, he smiled slightly as he recognized the newest addition to his clan and headed over. “I see your becoming less self conscious about your tattoos.”

Eliza jumped and stopped playing grabbing her jacket and pulling it on “Your the only person that can sneak up on me you know.”

The old man Chuckled “You ain't the only one spec ops trained you know.” He moved to stand behind her and patted the piano, “That's the first time this has been played since my wife died.”

Eliza hurriedly tried to put the cover back down “Sorry.” she looked up as Kalus put a hand on her shoulder.

“Leave it kid, its nice to hear it again, even if Alicia never played Its a long way to Tipperary”

Eliza chuckled, “Well I learnt it on the front even went there one day just after we took Arzad.” She turned sombre and turned to her adopted Father “I got the results back from the medic”

“Oh?” Kalus sat next to her on the bench, “And?”

“Its as I thought” Eliza sighed “I'm six weeks pregnant, I have told Flash I don't want to fly much until.. well you know”

Kalus grinned “Cant say I'm pleased you've gone pirate again, but am that you've found a home not to mention are bearing my first Grandchild. Any thoughts on who the father is?”

Eliza sighed, “No, I'm a combat pilot and soldier I am a little free with...”

Kalus cut Eliza off “I know the drill don't worry.” He stood up “Well I'll leave you to your playing, be safe, and keep a eye on your sisters.”

Eliza nodded as She started playing again.

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