Friday, 27 May 2011


Eliza looked at the door in fornt of her, the nasty looking skull and crossbones emblem staring back at her, she pressed the buzzer and heard the ominous "Come" from the other side.

Eliza walked in, stopping just before the desk where a Brutor male sat she performed a smart salute before standing at attention. Flashfresh chucked the Brutor women a grin "Knock it off Liz you know we aint that formal around here."

Eliza chuckled "Sorry Flash, may I sit?" At Flashes nod she sat down opposite him. "So it ok if I take a Break from constant combat?

Flash removed his glasses staring at the young women in front of him as he patted the small file next to him, “You’ve only been with us a couple weeks,” he broke into a smirk at the worried look on Elizas face. “but you’ve made your mark, proven your mettle. Yes its fine you can stay in the corp, just get back to fighting as soon as you can. Dismissed”

Eliza grinned as she left the office.

A week later Eliza stood on the rail over looking the Bastards hanger, watching the Assorted ships getting ready for a patrol, the only constant between them the Bastards logo on the side. She sighed as she looked over to the back where her own capitals and subcaps sat collecting dust. “I feel useless” she muttered to herself as she headed towards the ready room to hear sit reps on the fleet.


Nashh Kadavr said...

Sad panda

Dame said...

I'll be back soon :P