Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Job done

Eliza tugged at her knife but it wouldn’t budge, around her the members of the Special ops team called the Wraiths, which Eliza had founded, stood dressed in the Uniforms of MPs keeping watch one of them turned to her. “Lead we have to go.”

Eliza nodded “I know two, Thirteen get that lift open, leave the car at the bottom if you can.”

Alice Mariska nodded, her face a little pale, and set about getting the door open; her reputation as a slicer was well earned and in less then a minute it slid open. The wraiths moved without a word, Eliza and two heaving the body of Carmilla D'Morenta down the shaft while two other members of the squadron taped the entrance up with some realistic looking maintenance tape.

Eliza studied their work and nodded, “Good should look she fell. Shame about the blade but i pushed too hard, its stuck in a rib. The CCTV dealt with thirteen?”

Alice nodded, she understood why they was using numbers but they still felt odd to her “Kinda, I went to loop it around and it seemed someone else had already deleted it, don’t know who but work was sloppy so I may be able to trace it.” She smirked, "I also sliced in a maintenance log for this shaft."

Eliza nodded, “How long until the real MPs show?”

A shout sounded from behind her and Wraith one smirked “Bout now, Lets move wraiths” He chucked Eliza a rifle and shouldering it she followed them out.

Fifteen minutes later the Twelve fighters of the Wraiths, arranged protectedly around a Capsuleer Cheeter piloted by Alice headed for home.

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