Monday, 6 February 2012


Right I don’t often rant here but am fucking annoyed about this.

OK so I was raised in a semi rough area as well as leaving me able to look after myself this had a influence on the way I talk.

I know others speak kinda the same as Fagabond and Nano fag became common words in eve's pvp community yonks ago

So imagine my surprise when I get bollocked for saying Eynofag, to us Brits Fag can mean a lot of things, from food to Homosexual Via dickhead, not to mention cigarette.

Yet it seems after sharing a channel with me and other Brits for over 4 years it seems some yanks cant understand this, and I get moaned at for even saying “Fag break back in five.” And saying “Why the queer look” when I mean queer as odd, witch was its proper English meaning before the yanks butchered our language.

Forgive me if I'm wrong but we started the damn thing so should decide what means what, not the yanks, also to be honest it seems to me that having a go at the way I speak because of where I'm from is fucking close to racism least closer then I was to sexism

Rant over.


Kane Rizzel said...

The English language is a marvelous thing, words evolve, meanings evolve but the greatest thing about it, is the ability to enrage the narrow minded.


Voila Flame said...

So, couple things.

There's a difference between American English and British English; mostly spelling and slang related. In either, the gripe about the usge of the word 'queer' in that sentence was missplaced, and whoever complained was in the wrong. The statement of Brits vs. 'yanks' picking what words mean is a rediculously meaninglss (and unrealistic) point.

Beyond that, I generally side on the other side of the fence from you. Where you come from/grew up is largely unimportant. You're not interacting with exclusively, or even a majority of people who are from the same background. The word in question does have several usages and slangs. But when interacting in a moderated location that takes issue with language that can reasonably be construed as offensive to part or all of the audience... you need to deal with it and play nice, or deal with the consequences of not. Simple solution/choice. Moderate yourself, be Moderated, or don't participate in that location. Same boat as everyone else.

Dame said...

I know right kane :P

Voila to use but one exsample, Nanofag has been in the game longer then Orcas and torp using bombers, probbally longer then that.

So it doesnt matter if your a Yank or a Brit its in EVELISH to coiin a phrase.

Voila Flame said...

I understand that Dame. It's moot in the context of a moderated channel with specific rules on the topic.

Unknown said...

Here's a note worth saying: Be aware of your audience. If I ever make a statement or rant of any type, regardless of the desired impact (whether it was in RP when I used to play EVE, or now when I point out someone's fallacies), I would tailor it to the audience. If there was a rule in the discussion, I'd follow it. I'm with you on the word 'queer'- I hate the modern connotations of it. I'm also with you on the usage of 'fag' insofar as 'cigarette' goes- however, I've never liked its usage for "nanofag" or other terms because of the connotation that particular usage draws.