Monday, 15 December 2008

End of a era

Well thats It I've given up piracy. Icant explain it but ever since I entered Derelik I've been feelin wrong plain and simple. This area seems famirler mabey I was here before. well I guess I'll find out in time.

Friday, 12 December 2008


I'm just recording this to see if it helps.

I've just read a file we found on a wreck about the Kameiras. I haven’t disclosed this to my fellow Angels. But as I was reading it I experienced Déjà-vu like I knew it already and felt like I had lived through it. This got me thinking maybe just maybe the reason it seems familiar is I was one of these Kamerias. But that doesn’t explain how I ended up in the middle of Matai space with no memories. I met a couple of Ammaters in the 'Gate the other night maybe next time I see them I'll see what they know about Kameiras. Until then I'll just keep searching for clues about my past. Maybe replaying this back will help we'll see. Well that’s it for now.

Monday, 8 December 2008


Right I’m going to cover a lot in this post a few kills, a loss and in my opinion the only solo kill I’ve ever had that means something as well as this...

At the moment I don’t know who I am or what I think. As I mentioned in a previous entry I can’t remember anything before I got my pilots licence not even my name which is why I go by my call sign. Back when I was working for the Guns it wasn`t a problem I killed stuff, slept, ate and hated slavery and Amarr because that’s what I was told good Matari did. Since I joined the Angels I've started socialising such as having a drink now and then in The Skyhook and occasionally daring to enter the Gurista owned bar The Last Gate.

Now back to my dilemma over a drink by myself in the `Hook one night I started thinking. I’m supposed to hate slavery but work for the Angels (and am happy doing it too.)

I’m supposed to hate Amarr but have met a few outside my pod that are actually ok and have met some more that have had my back in a fight.

So you see my problem I`m a Matari who isn’t anti Amarr or Anti slavery in fact I do owe some people some apologies. So at the age of 20 I am at an Impasse of life. I think for the time being I should just forget about what I can’t remember and start afresh so in future I will treat everyone with distrust until they earn my loyalty then I will die for them many times over regardless of race. Now that’s enough of me rambling on about my personal stuff on to the fights.

First off my loss it’s already been covered mainly in the FCs logs so ill just concentrate on what happened in the belt. As we landed I saw 2 Sansha ships nearby I gave the order to engage and put them out of their misery. As the last ship went down the curse appeared. "Wait for it" I said over comms as I ordered my ship to close. "Point." was said over comms as I put y ship in a tight orbit and engaged then I saw that the falcon had uncloaked. Why the hell had he done that? Not what I would have done. It was then I realized I needed to fly with my wing mates more to get used to their style. The falcon pilot I was used to would of waited until he was needed before showing our trump card anyhow I degrees back on subject. A quick glance at scanner showed the system filling up with CVA. As the order to abort came over comms my ship was already aligning then just as I thought I was safe the alarm sounded indicating I was scrambled. I reported this and got reengaging from the falcon pilot. "Negative" I said. "There’s too many GTFO" turning to my crew "I said that goes for you too." as my crew got to the escape pods I made a half hearted attempt of fighting back. Then to my horror I saw that CVA was picking off my crew escape pods one by one as I was distracted by this my cap ran dry and my ship lost control. I got my pod out and returned to base still shocked by how many ships they had brought.

Now on to the kills I was just admiring my new Hurricane the Avenger A when a call came out about 2 war target interceptors in the next system. Me and Athas were the only 2 currently in base so we suited up. He got in his wolf and I got into my trusty rifter. It felt good to be alone in a ship again I like my `Canes but it is nice every once in a while to only have to worry about yourself. But once again I digress. We left station and headed to the targets last known location. They wasn’t there since we was already in space and probably so we cud get to know each other a bit better Athas ordered me to follow him and we started a roam. After several empty systems we saw a hulk on scan. Athas gave a nice simple order "Find him point him." I grinned to myself this I was good at. In less than a minute I had his location I transmitted it to Athas and entered warp. Sure enough when I landed right in front of me was a hulk. I established and announced a point just as Athas. And we began to pour Fleet EMP on to this poor little care bear. "Ogre`s are out" Athas reported and I smiled to myself he could only carry 2 one each. Sure enough as I poured my fire on 1 of the drones I saw the other 1 go down. After he was defenceless we contained firing then Athas sent on the local channel 50mil can you guess what he said. As we was going through the wreck a Harby and Ruppy showed up and started to attack Athas I moved to help keeping my speed up and pouring fire on the Harby. Unfortunately Athas went down and ordered me to safe up and wait for GCC. As I was doing this more pilots reported for duty and Athas made his way back to HQ to get a new ship. They spotted a myrm in our base system and started making plans. Athas asked me how much longer and when I replied at least 10 minutes I could sense him hesitating he knows that between our 2 canes there’s not much that will stop us. Unfortunately his hand was forced but they did ok with what they had. Once I returned to HQ we had a quick debriefing and decided to head out again same ship types Athas, Kimmi, Aria and Zukko in AFs me in a rifter because I haven’t got my AF licence yet. As we formed up I got a order I hadn’t expected from Kimmi, "Take scout." this was understandable as well as being the fastest there my ship was also the cheapest in fact I have 15 of them ready to go at all times, but scouting was something I hadn’t had much experience at. Never the less I entered warp and jumped in following a route that Kimmi had sent to my nav computer. After a few jumps I saw something that looked promising a new pilot and a rupture on scan. As I warped to a planet to scan the rest of the fleet waited in the next system. I started my scan when suddenly I saw the cruiser off my port side. I ordered my small but powerful ship towards him at full speed acquired and announced point and unleashed not hell but hail, and as I'm sure fellow Matari will agree that’s much worse. As I picked up my back up on scanner a curse jumped in right next to me. I do not know why but he cloaked and we didn’t see him again. Anyhow once the squad landed the ruppy didn’t have a chance.

As the rest of the gang waited out their GCC (I didn’t have it as I acted in "self defence.") I scouted ahead. A few systems over I spotted a mining op and narrowed it down to one belt. As I was waiting in a safe for the squad to be in position I noticed them bugging out but leaving cans. "I'm going to wait 10mins with permission Ma`am" I sent to Kimmi. I got confirmation and waited. After about 5 minutes I picked up a crow and Itty 5 on scan "stand by" I transmitted as my ship entered warp to the belt. They were there alright but to my despair 90km out. I activated my mwd and flew straight at the hauler. He got out so I changed course towards the crow. At 24 km I got and announced a point. At 15km I deactivated my mwd at 12km I started firing at 8km he was dead. I was not expecting that. As the gang landed and saw that all that was left was a Sansha cruiser I got Congratulations over the comms. Sure we were the same hull size but his ship had been designed to take mine down.

After this we returned to base pleased with ourselves and I got a message from Athas just 8 words but those 8 have me reason to think. "How do you feel about training new pilots?" As soon as I was debriefed and cleaned up. I went to his office. "Sir you do realise I'm new myself?" I asked.
"Yes pilot, but dam you do know what you’re doing." After a brief discussion I agreed to give it a try and see what happened. I just hope I don’t get anyone killed. Ok that’s it for now I know it’s a lot but my new service with the Angels is more eventful then I thought.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Blobbers in training.

I know it’s not been long since my last entry but I've been in one of the best fights I’ve had since we took DHB Wildcats nightmare down.

We were sitting outside station waiting for a cane we knew was docked, me in my trusty Gist Vengeance (A hurricane class battle cruiser.) Khrane in a Tempest, and to my disgust although later I was glad it was there an old mate of Khranes in an Armageddon an Amarr Battleship. As we waited I cud sense my crews unease with sitting just off the golden bemouth, It was a new crew and probably thought what was I doing not engaging they don’t realise that even though I`m not the Amarrs biggest fan I don’t mind flying alongside my fellow Ghosts who are Amarr. After all we all left our homes behind when we sided with the Angels.

Anyhow that’s enough about politics back to the fight. As we were waiting suddenly we lost audio commutations a quick investigation confirmed that they were being scrambled. I switched to text comms just as a thorax appeared 180km away from me right on top of the sniping tempest. A quick order later and I was right on top of the 'rax. Ad he was going down four or five more contacts appeared including a few battleships. As the 'rax went down I ordered my ECM drones and firepower on the megathron and ordered the alignment to a nearby planet. Then horror or horrors my ship entered warp seems like my crew misunderstood the order. A quick outburst from me later we were back in the fray. Anyhow it was a good fight an ill think your say we won . Even if we didn’t kill everyone they didn’t kill any of us and we held the field.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Most wanted

I’ve just received a message from an old friend.... apparently I’ve somehow become the 45th most wanted person in New Eden.

While I was working fixing the engines on my Hurricane I thought how far I had come.

I’m only 20 years old 4 months ago I had never flown a star ship 2 years ago I was still enslaved.

Somehow I managed to get some insorum and escape back to the republic. I can’t remember much of the last 2 years properly partly due to the victoc withdrawal party due to the fact it happened so fast. My memory I slowly coming back but is still hazy at the moment. What I do remember is enrolling in the RMS and getting my pilots licence. As soon as I had it I left for the outlaw’s life.

Well that’s it about the past on to the future.

Now I’ve got aver 160mil on my head I’ve got to change the way I fight at the moment lie most Matari I just load Hail and charge in hoping for the best. When I was in idles employment this worked because they never engaged unless they had superior numbers. But once again am blabbing on about the past again plus I prefer engaging outnumbered and outgunned and still coming out victorious. This just means that like I said before I’ve got to use tactics more than firepower.

Well it seems I'm in a good Corp for that PRETA seem to like hit and run tactics which is good for me since most my ships were designed for just that. Speaking of ships this new 'Cane and crew seem to be doing well have yet to test her fully but have cleared out several drone nests and Sansha Bases.

Also while we're on the subject of ships I finely got my licence to fly the Angel cruiser the Cynabal today and my she does fly though the sky and looks amazing too, the techs reckon it'll be 4 months or so before she’s fully battle ready and I can’t wait.

Well I think that’s it for now I’ll get back to you when I’m settled in a little more.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Not a good start

Not the best start to my new job for one thing I’ve just finished writing letters to family members and I hate doing that. So here’s what happened.... I was settling in to my new home had just fitted a Hurricane and found a crew for it so decided to run some space trails. Anyhow things were going well until a domi decided to pay us a visit and me in my stupid egotistic mind set engaged. It was going ok until he activated his nutes then things went bad real quick. I noticed my cap drain then saw the drones heading for me I shouted orders to activate nano bots and keep injecting power in the capacitor but it was no good. The thing that hurts me the most is the crew being new didn’t know exactly where the escape pods were so despite me giving the order to abandon ship not many survived. I was a costly lesson but I believe I have learnt it I should stick to hit and run tactics and only engage when I want to. I hope for the sake of those poor souls who lost their lives due to my stupidity that I listen to my own advice. Anyhow hope I have better news to report next time.

Ghost Festival

So started work with a new corp today looks pretty good especially since they work for the Angels not the Guristas like I`ve been doing so far.
I was getting really bored of defending Zvarin Karsha when all I really wanted to do was blow him and all the other Guristas in system outta the sky.
Well that part of my life is over though I might go back one day to complete my wish.
On to pastures new I’m still a rookie pilot having only got my licence about 3 months ago but hope I can do my part to help make this experiment a success.