Tuesday, 29 June 2010


The words said by Eliza Mariska CAG of the Alcys and Capsuleer at the memioral for the bomber pilots lost in the attack.

Pilots, friends.

We have just sent off 40 of our Wingmen and yes they may of survived if as some of you are saying we had just blasted the planet some of you have come to call “The shit hole” from orbit.

But think of this why when the mission was simple recon would we wanna kill that many people? The person who set the charges killed your friends not Your command staff.

Yes we took a bloody nose but we will recover and come back stronger then ever to get our revenge. Lets leave this in the past until then and think of the future.

Yes we're alone Yes this ship rarley see's the actian it deserves but NO we are not without hope.

I may be a capsuleer but as the older pilots amoungst you will know I'm nearly always up there with you I die outta the pod thats it I'm gone.

So to you I say this We will previl we will continue and we will WIN.

Now drink hearty guys send them off in style.

Destruction at Dawn

The Achlys recovered from her jump and aligned to the planet on either side of her Sub Capitals and two Thanatos class carriers bearing the Markings of Citadel, Lonetrek and Forge Guristas bands formed up flanking the Nyx class super carrier.

On bored the Achlys the only capsuleer of the fleet Sienna “Nauticaa” Orchidia opened up a comm channel.

“Right guys you know the plan simple Re-con mission with a twist we go in land troops and raid the databases for information concerning the location of Kaylee Orchida and Angelina Ballentyne,”

Sienna waited for a moment for the cat calls on the Guristas ships and even amongst her own crew at the mention of Ange to die down, She was one of them and they knew it.

“Remember your training trust the guy next to you and we're get though this and be one step closer to bringing them home. Battle stations.”

At her last words controlled chaos erupted as bomber pilots scrambled into space to be joined by the fighter escort from the carriers.

As the fleet exited warp in orbit of the planet, A lightly defended outlying Deritan estate 5 frigates and 5 cruiser rose to meet the formidable assault force.

Down on the planet the dawn was ruined as the sky suddenly grew darker as thousands of missiles rose to meet the defence force quickly followed by 10 explosions.

Aboard the Achlys sienna smiled at the reports her bombers had taken down the land based batteries before they could make any major effect on her fleet, She made a note to praise the Guristas TRIAGE ability as she gave the order for drop ships to land.

50 Attack ships each bearing squads of 20 Guristas detached from the under belly of the Nyx and headed towards the planet, Fighters and Bombers followed closely in escort formation.

“Red leader this is Assault one we are touching down”

“Copy that Red blue and green squads pull up prepare to offer Air support.”

But as the fighters started to come about to form a perimeter a massive explosion rocked the estates .

Aboard the Achlys Sienna watched in horror as all 40 fighters in the air was destroyed by the blast as well as the drop ships and All of the estates.

“Fuck all ships BUG BUG BUG I repeat all ships pull out.”

The Nyx and the two thanatos's started to apply remote reps to any and all ships as the fleet started to turn away trying to out run the blast coming towards them.

“All ships away ma'am” The report came in from the captain of the lead Thanatos.

“Roger that get outta here”

“Not until you do Ma'am.”

Sienna swore but order the Achlys to align just as the mighty ship reached full speed she was rocked as the blast reached the 3 ships.

“Damage report.”

“Half armour Ma'am that was a hellva blast but were here.”

“The Degauss and Victory?” Sienna named the 2 Guristas Carriers that were on her flank

“Degauss is gone Ma'am Victory is badly hurt and listing our DC party's are en-route already.”

Sienna nodded to herself and sent a message preparing to rescue whatever crew members from the doomed Thanatos's as she could before pulling out.

On the other side of New Eden Eliza read the message then looked at the sleeping form of Dia beside her and held her head in her hands “What the fuck have I done.”

Friday, 18 June 2010

Past Sins

I guide my Vagabond cruiser carefully along the length of the Achlys, Sienna's Nyx class Super Carrier while looking though my camera drones at the bulk of the Gallente built ship.

A sense of alarm fills me for a second as I see a Archon class carrier bearing the markings of the 1st Praetorian Guard passes unhindered though the shields of the star base, it leaves as I see docking tendrils extend from both it and the Super carrier and realise sienna is refitting.

I sigh as I know she's refitting to leave. I dunno where and I doubt even she does but I hope the fact she is being assisted by a 1PG carrier doesn't mean she's returning to the empire.

I turn my back on the “Achlys” probably for the last time and set off.

The Empire, my masters before I lost my memory and became a capsuleer. And who I believed I should serve as soon as I found this out. Holy shit what a mistake that was.

I can still remember the look on mryh's and the others faces when I left and the wardec came in. Thinking back I have no idea why I did that and will never forgive myself for it. But that doesn't change the fact, I did it. I betrayed the people who took me in when I was at the lowest I'd been at until now.

I gave her a chimera the other day. I really hope she doesn't think it was to make up for what I did. I want to of course but its something isk cant do.

I direct the Heavy assault cruiser though another Stargate and sigh again.

How the hell am I supposed to make up for betraying my friends. When I was a Kameira I wouldnt of dreamed of it. Why now I'm one of the immortals would I do that.

I let out a scream the sound hidden by the fluid surrounding me. That part of my past will never be forgotten as it shouldn't but I swear now if I can make up for it I will.

Now how to do it without fighting beside them that's the hard part.

**The Vagabond speeds away towards a belt.**

Sunday, 13 June 2010

the biggest fuck up yet

A rare OOC post just cus I need to get it off my chest will do a IC one soon(tm)

Right I no stranger to fuck ups and have been making them since the day I left Preta.

But I have to say this is my biggest yet and may cause me to quit eve. About a week ago i spoke to a old mate of mine and got invited to join his Cry Havoc corp.

I've just got a Nyx for my alt so thought “hell ya time to use it.>”

unfortunately hedliner (my mate) then decided to go on holiday and his 2ic “the nova” well seems he doesn't like me :P

so after burning all my bridges I'm now corpless and tbqfh screwed.

Well that's my bitching done for now will make a IC one when I know how dames RP is going or if I quiting witch tbh I dont wanna do.

Josh/Dame/the rest of the army