Monday, 4 October 2010

First day on Huggar

The bar tender looked up as the women entered, she was young no older then 24, but his old eyes spotted the fact she walked with the grace of a trained fighter. This alone wasn't enough to worry him to much after all her facial tattoos did proclaim her as Brutor like himself. What was cause to worry was they didn't state her clan, unusual in itself but when coupled with the fact she was wearing a long jacket and trousers witch hid any others she may have it was down right curious.

However he had been a barman long enough that when she approached the bar and asked in fluent, though he didn't recognise the accent, Matari for a Ale he poured it without question, though looking into her eyes he saw more years there then her age betrayed. “This kids seen too many battles.” He thought. She payed and sat at the bar pushing her red braids back from in front of her eyes revealing multi pierced ears for a second.

He shrugged to himself and headed to the next customer chucking a glance at a group of people in the corner most wearing uniforms of TLF crewman and marines, not capsuleers but normal grunts like he had been back in his youth.

He let out a smile, remembering past battles,as the group of soldiers started singing.

“Men of Auga stop your dreaming
Can't you see their Hull plates gleaming
See their Ion trails streaming
To this battlefield “

He served the drink then turned his gaze back on the odd women and frowned as he saw her lips moving and heard her voice over that of the group the song now on its third verse.

“From the hills rebounding
Let this song be sounding
Summon all at Sasa's call
The mighty force surrounding “

The bartender shook his head as he spotted that the group had also noticed the red head singing it and a few had started to head over. As they reached her he started taking the more expensive bottles off the shelf putting them under the bar top.

“And what right do you have to sing that?” The speaker was another Brutor female this one not hiding the tattoos she had.

The bar tender put the last bottle under the bar and stood up just as the red head stood up herself sliding her jacket off “You have no idea Kid.”

The sight of the redheads arms made even the grizzled bartender do a double take, They was covered not only in tattoos but by dozens of small raised unusual looking scars, “Been a while since I saw those.”

The Scarred women grinned “Long time since I met someone who knew what they was.”

The bar tender shook his head at the small group confronting the women “I wouldn't.”

Most the group moved off except the women who had spoken who charged at the red head. “Don't call me Kid.” The bartender winced as the red head moved too swiftly to follow and defy moved to the side sending the other Brutor over the bar into the empty shelves, she then slid down the wall coming to a rest in a heap on the floor, before sitting back down and sipping her drink.

Now intrigued the tender moved over to her “Whats your name,” He lowered his voice “Kameira?”

The women sighed “Eliza Mariska and kindly don't call me that.”

The barman went to respond when another patron stood up “Alice's sister?” A Brutor bearing the marks of the Kal'tu clan, the owners of the local training dojo moved up to stand beside her.

Eliza nodded “Yeh,”

The Brutor chuckled “I'm Talis Kal'tu, her clan brother and that kid you so neatly put on her arse is Kali her sister as well.”

Eliza smiled “Yeh sorry about that” She offered a hand to Kali who was coming round and helped her up.

Kali shook her head “Don't worry about it, hell if I'd known who you was I'd of brought you a drink not attacked you.”

Eliza chuckled putting her jacket back on “You took my blood in, and offered me your hospitably without ever meeting me. I think I'll be paying for the drinks while I'm here.”

The bar tender looked on perplexed as the group decided to go and see where Eliza would be staying he then raised a Eyebrow as Eliza chucked a chip on the bar “Sorry bout the damage” The bartender swiftly pocketed the chip as the group left. She had given him a 2mil Isk chip more then enough to buy his bar many times over,he wondered for a second why someone that rich to be tossing that about would drink in a “local” but wiped it from his mind and went about the business of placing bottles back on shelves.