Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Nauts Return

The sky lit up as the Cyno field flared out aginst the night sky. The Patrons in section_8 looked out of the exterior window as a Moros Class dreadnaught cynoed in. A few Guristas recognized the markings and cheers rang out. Nauticaa had returned home.

As a Thanatos undocked to meet her and gaurd the cyno boat, Section_8 emptied as there was a mad rush towards the docking bay; leading the crowd was Justine Death, otherwise known as JD.

They crowded around the rails overlooking the bay as the mighty Gallente ship crawled its way into dock once again cheering as the Jin-mei stepped out, moisture still visible on her hair and olive skin.

JD ducks under the railing and rushes towards Naut "Changed your mind then?"

Nauticaa chuckles and returns JD's hug "Yep, Eff didn't wanna know so I guess its time to make a new Family with the Guristas. Where's Eliza?"

Jd shrugs as a voice speaks up and Carmilla D'Morenta slips into view from behind JD. "I saw her going down below. Don't know why."

The mood suddenly changes as JD and Naut look at each other, worried. Naut gestures to a group of crewmen disembarking "You six come with us, the other five stay with Carm."

The crowd parts to let the group of eight Guristas pass. All eight have a determined look on their face and draw their blasters as they enter the elevator.

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Family. One word that I have never fully understood.

Oh, I know what it means, and have seen it in others - most recently Ange and her sisters - but the closest I've ever come to it was the comradeship of my fellow pilots.

That all changed yesterday. It seems I have a little sister. Well, not that little, she's 18 and a capsuleer herself. In the service of the Sansha no less.
*Eliza sighs* The cruelty of the Empire is still chasing me even after I've left it behind.

It seems we were separated from our parents at a early age. Me to start my Kameira training and her to become the plaything of Amarr nobles.

Well, it seems I've gone from having no family to having two. My comrades in arms and my little sister. I guess the first thing I have to do is convince her to leave the Sansha.

I hate these kind of problems, they can't be solved by shooting something.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Back to basics

Isho V State protectorate logistic support.

From the outside it looks just like any one of the dozens of such stations around the area. But inside things are totally different.The first sign somethings amiss is the fact that, unlike most stations of its kind, the capsuleer ships outside it don't bear the markings of Caldari Militia, but those of the Guristas. More specifically those of The Black Rabbits.

Upon entering its obvious that if there are any state employees on this station they are heavily bribed. The signs of the Guristas are everywhere, especially along the corridor leading to the hanger assigned to the rabbits. Propaganda lines the walls and the noise from "Section_8" drowns out most of the actions in the corridor.

The hanger itself is immense. Workers in guristas uniforms constantly busy refueling and rearming the sizable fleet of the Rabbits. On a balcony overlooking the hanger in front of the bay window off "Section_8" two figures, a Brutor and a Civire are leaning on the railings.

The Brutor, Eliza "Dame Death" Mariska, turns to to the Civire , Simply called JD. "Yeh I know, You've said it often enough."

JD chuckles "Just saying its good to be back Eliza we both know we wasn't happy in the Empire, shame Naut is leaving us though."

The Brutor nods. "Yeh and maybe Kalta too. She did just lose her mother after all if the rumors are true. But its gonna be like old times just me and you, well and the Guristas of course."

The pair start slightly as a small cough comes from behind them turning they see a petite green haired Gallente. JD pulls the teenager closer in a big sister like grip "Dont forget Mia here" JD chuckles.

Eliza ruffles the youngsters hair "Who could forget Mia now shall we head to OP's? Nauts about to leave I believe."

The Gallente and Civire nod and follow the Brutor to the command center of the station. Like all areas its obvious the true owners of this station are the Guristas. Through the view port a Moros Class dreadnought can be seen as well as smaller sub capital ships.

Without warning all Guristas ships and the stations sentry guns fire a salute. just as suddenly the Moros cynos out and Nauticaa leaves their lives.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Log Entry 08/08/111yc

*Eliza appears on screen, her eyes red as if she's been crying*

What did I become......

I'm finding it hard to even talk to other Matari, now that I'm free of whatever drugs the Amarr pumped into my system, I realize how monstrous I must have appeared to them.

*Eliza looks at her bare, scar-covered arms* When those drugs were removed, my scars became visible. They're everywhere, all caused by the Amarr.

The thought I willingly went into slavery makes me sick, even though I now know I wasnt entirely myself, it's no excuse.

*Eliza turns away, showing the scars on her back to the camera as she looks at something off screen. She then returns her gaze to the camera*

The few Matari I've spoken to within the Guristas seem to be ok with me. I think it's because they see we're all now serving the same cause, but I'm not sure I'm ever gonna forgive myself.

I went to a party at Three Sisters tonight, I had donated a Fleet Issue Tempest to it so thought it polite to make a showing. I kinda wish I hadn't gone. I've never felt so alone. The people I called friends before I returned to the empire for the first time won't even give me a second look.

I did meet a young Matari there that I've met a few times and have to say I see a lot of myself in her. I just hope she doesn't make the same mistakes I did. I told her if she ever needs anything to let me know but I think she just thought "Damn blood traitor" and didn't belive I was only trying to help.

I would be lying to say I didn't miss the old days when I could walk into the Last Gate and have a chat with Jen. Ethan, Myrh, Kimmi. Vaden and the rest but I think there's no going back from what I did, though I can't say I blame them.

The only one from "The old crew" I still talk with is the one I thought would never talk to me again and that's KJ, I have to say I have been trying to wind him up just so he'll get mad at me, Over a comm channel, not sure what I'd do if we met face to face.

I've not seen Jen for a while and I do hope our friendship isn't complety ruined, Last I heard she had left Veto to explore wormholes.

*Eliza sighs and picks something up from the table.*

I think it's time I forgot about the past and concentrated on the future and keeping my true friends alive.

*Eliza pins the Bronze tag of a Guristas ensign to her flight jacket and slips it on*

Its time to be Eliza again and not who people want me to be. Protect my mates, fuck everyone else. Its been a while since I went by that and I think it made me a worse person not living by it.

*Eliza gets up and walks towards the door, looking back at the camera, she reaches it.*

I really regret not thinking of this before.

Mariska out.

*The feed cuts off*

Saturday, 8 August 2009

New Home, New Face

I sat in the pilots' lounge in Isho V station, Section 8, looking out at the hanger where ships of all sizes, from the academy's sizable t1 frigate fleet to TBR's battleship fleet and dominating the hanger the Dreads and Carriers of the Guristas, could be seen.

As I just sat there looking at the array of power I heard footsteps behind me. Looking around I saw Commander Chopin standing there with a few guards. "Oh crap what have I done now?" I asked jokingly.

"Not here" he replied and led me off to the stations medical bay. When we arrived he explained that the medical I had gone through when I joined TBR had picked up some drugs or something in my blood that changed my appearance and loyalties.

I don't pretend to understand this but he said it had to be purged, so it was. When I awoke after the surgery I looked a lot different: my pigmentation had returned and my tats faded and grew.

I left that operating table a new person and am now a Gurista until the bitter end.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Return

I saw the HIC as I jumped though into Isho and smiled to myself, "Here we go."

Then, something else came across the local channel. It seems my ex mistress, scouting for me in a Anathema, had been having a conversation with Federic 'Gilgamesh1980' Chopin, my old boss and the CO of The black rabbits.
The message was, "Do you still wish to fly under the TBR Flag?"

I thought about this for a moment.The thought I could be free from slavery of some form or the other for the first time in my life was too tempting to pass up.

My ship broke its cloak and started to lock the HIC as I sent over the comms, "Yes commander, it is." The Onyx suddenly stopped firing, and I released my point and watched it warp of.

After a brief chat and a quick gate fight I was back serving the Guristas; forgiven for my past crimes though I doubt they are forgotten.

Monday, 3 August 2009

The Lone Wolf

My Pod hooked into the powerful assault ship's hull and I smiled to myself. I had waited a long time for this moment: The day I flew my first Wolf.

The Wolf, named for a mythical creature found in packs. Lone wolf is a saying that had been used to describe me in the past.

As I undocked the powerful frigate I thought about this. I guess that was a good way to describe me. Always fighting always alone even when in a fleet there was very few times I actually trusted them the way I should.

I looked though my camera drones at the small but potent vessel and saw the markings on the side, no longer that of slavers, but that of my first employers the Guristas. I never thought I'd be welcome in their ranks again.

The last time I was a Cadet in TBRA, an installation I will always regret not graduating from. This time, though, I was invited back as a soldier for the Guristas via Black Rabbits.

I willed the small craft to orbit the Station taking a look at the ships out side. Nauticaa's Thanatos - she had been undecided about my new choice of career, but after her first battle alongside our new comrades, she saw that they live and die by honour. That's good enough for both of us.

As I aligned my craft towards the stargate, I smiled as a few other frigs fell into formation beside me. "Lone Wolf" no longer, I set out on the hunt.