Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Nauts Return

The sky lit up as the Cyno field flared out aginst the night sky. The Patrons in section_8 looked out of the exterior window as a Moros Class dreadnaught cynoed in. A few Guristas recognized the markings and cheers rang out. Nauticaa had returned home.

As a Thanatos undocked to meet her and gaurd the cyno boat, Section_8 emptied as there was a mad rush towards the docking bay; leading the crowd was Justine Death, otherwise known as JD.

They crowded around the rails overlooking the bay as the mighty Gallente ship crawled its way into dock once again cheering as the Jin-mei stepped out, moisture still visible on her hair and olive skin.

JD ducks under the railing and rushes towards Naut "Changed your mind then?"

Nauticaa chuckles and returns JD's hug "Yep, Eff didn't wanna know so I guess its time to make a new Family with the Guristas. Where's Eliza?"

Jd shrugs as a voice speaks up and Carmilla D'Morenta slips into view from behind JD. "I saw her going down below. Don't know why."

The mood suddenly changes as JD and Naut look at each other, worried. Naut gestures to a group of crewmen disembarking "You six come with us, the other five stay with Carm."

The crowd parts to let the group of eight Guristas pass. All eight have a determined look on their face and draw their blasters as they enter the elevator.

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