Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Return

I saw the HIC as I jumped though into Isho and smiled to myself, "Here we go."

Then, something else came across the local channel. It seems my ex mistress, scouting for me in a Anathema, had been having a conversation with Federic 'Gilgamesh1980' Chopin, my old boss and the CO of The black rabbits.
The message was, "Do you still wish to fly under the TBR Flag?"

I thought about this for a moment.The thought I could be free from slavery of some form or the other for the first time in my life was too tempting to pass up.

My ship broke its cloak and started to lock the HIC as I sent over the comms, "Yes commander, it is." The Onyx suddenly stopped firing, and I released my point and watched it warp of.

After a brief chat and a quick gate fight I was back serving the Guristas; forgiven for my past crimes though I doubt they are forgotten.

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