Sunday, 23 August 2009


Family. One word that I have never fully understood.

Oh, I know what it means, and have seen it in others - most recently Ange and her sisters - but the closest I've ever come to it was the comradeship of my fellow pilots.

That all changed yesterday. It seems I have a little sister. Well, not that little, she's 18 and a capsuleer herself. In the service of the Sansha no less.
*Eliza sighs* The cruelty of the Empire is still chasing me even after I've left it behind.

It seems we were separated from our parents at a early age. Me to start my Kameira training and her to become the plaything of Amarr nobles.

Well, it seems I've gone from having no family to having two. My comrades in arms and my little sister. I guess the first thing I have to do is convince her to leave the Sansha.

I hate these kind of problems, they can't be solved by shooting something.

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