Monday, 3 August 2009

The Lone Wolf

My Pod hooked into the powerful assault ship's hull and I smiled to myself. I had waited a long time for this moment: The day I flew my first Wolf.

The Wolf, named for a mythical creature found in packs. Lone wolf is a saying that had been used to describe me in the past.

As I undocked the powerful frigate I thought about this. I guess that was a good way to describe me. Always fighting always alone even when in a fleet there was very few times I actually trusted them the way I should.

I looked though my camera drones at the small but potent vessel and saw the markings on the side, no longer that of slavers, but that of my first employers the Guristas. I never thought I'd be welcome in their ranks again.

The last time I was a Cadet in TBRA, an installation I will always regret not graduating from. This time, though, I was invited back as a soldier for the Guristas via Black Rabbits.

I willed the small craft to orbit the Station taking a look at the ships out side. Nauticaa's Thanatos - she had been undecided about my new choice of career, but after her first battle alongside our new comrades, she saw that they live and die by honour. That's good enough for both of us.

As I aligned my craft towards the stargate, I smiled as a few other frigs fell into formation beside me. "Lone Wolf" no longer, I set out on the hunt.

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