Thursday, 29 April 2010

Random Musings

Blood traitor.

Two words that have been used to describe me a lot lately. Although never by those Matari that fight beside me everyday. When I put this to my comrades in U'K a few weeks ago and asked to be tried the response I got from a few I have to admit made me smile a bit

“fuck that shit. someone much higher up than me gave you an opportunity to prove yourself in the ushra'kahn, and that' all I need to trust you”

This was proven a few days ago when, due to Sienna assisting some old friends of ours in the bleaks, we was both asked to either promise not to do it ever again or leave TDR.

I've already abandoned enough friends in my past so for me this wasn't a option and Sienna agreed. However within a few hours of this being known we was offered places in most other corps in the Alliance.

So whatever I was in the past, Angel. Ammatar, Gurista doesn't matter.

I stand now proud as a fleet commander of the Ushra'Khan who's being called blood traitor by Matari who most the time are not even out of school yet. Guess what I have to figure out is how to convince them I've changed without fighting beside them.