Monday, 29 June 2009

Time to change

I sighed and grinned slightly as the last Freighter entered warp. "Job done align for POS." I sent to my crew and awaited the order to pull out while thinking about how far I had come.

Two months ago I betrayed both myself and the Empire by giving into my nature and going pirate once again. Now I was asked to be part of a small escort group for a CVA convey and if the Cargo is what I was told it was it needed a lot of trust to ask me.

I turned my Camera drones to look around my ship and thought how small this squad was just my Armageddon class battleship and an AFC Pilots Hurricane class battle cruiser. I zoomed closer in to the ‘Cane and saw the Firblogs tailing it and grinned they had my corps Markings witch meant Naut was awake and doing her Job. Even so it was a small group and I was honoured to be part of it.

"Both Freighters docked and safe thanks again and stand down." The order came in from the Admiral. "No problem Admiral anytime." I sent back and ordered my crew to warp to Naut within ten KM.

My `Geddon came out of warp alongside the Thanotos and I stopped to admire its pure size while once again seeing the CVA Markings on it and seeing how far I had come.

Their was a time she would of been setting her fighters on me without mercy but now Naut full call sign Nauticaa had become one of my closest allies. We slaved our Nav computers together and I escorted her back to station when we was both "Depodded" and in the Lounge having a well earned drink I thought about how it had come about that I was now in the service of CVA.

Basically I wasn’t happy pirating again even though I thought I would be it seems the blood of innocents is no longer something I desire. And have to say I'm glad about that. Anyhow after leaving the Gurista's I went back to kam after a few skirmishes with Amarr militia (All of which I replaced) I returned to my old quarters. Upon reaching them I saw someone, properly Admiral Grr, had arranged for 100 copies of the Pax to be delivered there. I have to say they did what whoever sent them hoped they would do and it wasn’t long before I called Equi, someone I had fought alongside before. Despite my fears he said he’d take me into his corp so now I am working once again to prove myself loyal.

Looking around the Lounge I saw plenty of pilots in CVA uniforms and I know some of them would love to see me kicked out of mine.

As I glanced around I thought to myself. "I'm not going to give them what they want it's time to start thinking more."

I also had a chat with Jen the other day I think our friendship is long gone. Have to say I'm a little sad about this but what’s done is done.

She did say one thing that is kind of bothering me. She seemed to think I was without honour whereas what I believe is honour is the one thing I pride myself on. Always honouring duels and being the last guy out the fray.

That’ll do for now may make another entry soon.