Thursday, 29 January 2009

quick ooc post

this is a quick ooc post just to say dam its good to be trusted the reason its ooc is i did it on a alt as dame cant pop a cyno.

a mate from my old idle days asked me to pop a cyno for him i said sure logged alt on and headed over as i was heading over he told me it wasnt his thanny i was cynoing but his nyx man its good that he still trusts me . btw i asked him to pop me you know what cynoings like.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Back where she belongs

((this is a story i worte a while back it takes place just as dame enters AFC so isnt in time line with the rest))

I sigh in relieve as I finely hear “Docking request accepted “though the comms just as the -7- fleet after me lands. I say thanks into a private channel to the pilot who had warned me they was coming then depod and start to walk about the CVA station. How things have changed a few weeks ago the only time id be near a cava station would be if I was shooting at it and the only time I’d of been allowed inside would of been in chains.
As I walk though the promenade of Elpioth Gate I wonder how many of the Ammarians giving me strange looks wish I was in chains.
Feeling even more aware of my facial marks and Tribal clothing then ever I lean on the barrier overlooking the deck below and sigh. Who would have thought receiving that data file would change so much. Seems “Dame Death notorious outlaw and 36th most wanted in New Eden was and could be again. Eliza Mariska born and bred to serve the Empire. To be honest this sounds better then what I was.
I look towards the AFC office below and see movement. At the same time I receive a message saying I’m no longer considered an outlaw and may pass freely though empire. I swallow my fear aware of the massive decision I’m about to make and head down towards the office. As I enter I see my lucks in and the person I noticed from above was Shern the CEO of AFC and one of two of their members that helped me question if serving the Angels was the right thing to do.

A quick chat later I’m accepted into the AFC and am once again severing the Empire. As Shern opens comms with the -7- fleet camping me in to confirm I am friendly I take a look at myself in the mirror Admiring my new uniform and smile to myself. Dame Death notorious outlaw is dead. Eliza Mariska Novomod, Ex Kaimirea and defender of G5 is back where she belongs. I receive confirmation that -7- wont fire on me and head back towards my ship for the first time in months feeling at peace with what I am.

Confused again... big surprise

I will say one thing things were easier when I was with idle or even ghost for that matter. For vairous reasons mainly the fact that i dont agree with scaggas command stlye I now fly for the 24th crusade. But I am conflicted can I honesty say I'm willing to fight for a Empire that leaves me to die? I returned to the mandate mainly to find my past now that I have I have a decissen to make. Do I continue unhappily serving the Empire just because of my past or do I find something esle to kill for. I cant see me serving any of the Empires again but as Jen keeps pointing out theres more out there then that.

Speaking of jen she made a offer that was unexpected genourous and tempting were have to see what comes of it.

The only other thing worth recording I think is meeting Mynxee for the first time. I was out testing my new toy a navy slicer when I saw her on local We exchanged greetings and after a quick scan I saw she was in a firetail she saw I was in a slicer and that was it. We both agreed to a uick duel just for fun and met in a safe. Longest friggie fight ive ever had I cudnt catch her she didnt dent my armor after about ten minutes both pissing ourselves laughing we called it a day.

We had a quick chat afterwards where i think she might of picked up some of the feelings I've commented on here but it was a fun fight even if there was no winner.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A lot of changes

I've had a reason for not making an entry for a while it's been a confusing couple of weeks.

First of I've found my name and some of my past. Seems I was a Kameira called Eliza Mariska. I'm properly more surprised then you but it explains why I feel at home around this area.

Since my last post I've sorted my standings with concord out enlisted in the Amarr Militia via AFC. Witch is even more strange as a couple of weeks ago I was fighting these guys with all my power.

Well that’s it for now No more dame death I am now Templar Lieutenant Mariska. Novomod and proud servant of her imperial Majesty Jamyl.