Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dogfight Part one

December 111yc
In orbit of Ishomilkeen V
Hanger bay Thanatos class Carrier TGA Hope.

A blond women carrying a clip bored walks though the racks of fighters and assorted support craft glancing around. She spots a pair of Green trousered legs sticking out from underneath a firblog set off in the corner all that was near it was a Dragonfly and a Einherji all 3 looking battle-worn.

As She got closer the Blond noticed each of these 3 fighters had a silver engraved plate below the cockpit.

On the Green/grey hull of the Firblog it read “Lt Sienna “Nauticaa” Orchidia

On the blue/green hull of the Dragonfly it read “Justine “JD” Death

And lastly on the red hull of the Einherji it read “Eliza “Dame Death” MariMariska.

As the blond gets closer she chuckles and says aloud. “I see why you wouldn't let my auditors near these.”

A bang, a hiss and swearing can be heard from underneath the fighter as a Olive skinned dark haired women slides out on a roller board covered in oil “Bloody hell Ange.”

Ange chuckle and leans against the Firblog. The black rabbits badge clearly shown on her old Caldari Navy flight Jacket. “Its a improvement Sienna ” Ange gets a rag off the wing and hands it to Sienna.

“Yeh yeh” Sienna wipes her face then looks down at her green pilot suit Black rabbits insignia on the right shoulder the wings of a Firblog pilot on her left breast “Been too long since I wore this and yeh no one touches these ships.”

Angelina Bellentyne placed her IA clip bored on the floor and circled the Firblog. “Looks likes she's seen some action.”

Sienna nods. “That she has they should be here Ange.” Sienna shakes her long black hair loose and hoists herself onto the small wing of her Firblog. “JD's MIA presumed KIA and Eliza well you probably know more about that then me.”

Ange stops by the Tail fin of the firblog looking up at it with a frown. Clearly marked there as well as on the other two was the CVA markings. “They need a paint Job. And as for Eliza her time will come give it time the Commander forgives slowly if at all.”

Sienna nods. “Yeh been meaning to do that Ill do them all at the same time.” She sighs as she hoists herself off the wing and goes stands by the Eniherji looking at the kills marked in between the Name plaque and the cockpit.. “He seems to forgiven me....”

Sienna is cut off by a chuckle and a familer voice that makes both women snap to attention. “Not quite but your getting there.”

The two Women snap a sharp salute off as Supreme Commander Federic “Gilgamesh1980” Chopin steps into view closely flanked by Amy “Cynobaby1” Ryen “At ease.”

The two women follow this order with parade ground persision. As the Commander continues “Were talk about that later right now we've picked up a strange signal on system scanner tell your CAG I want the two best you have to go take a look that is all.” With this Chopin turns and walks out the hanger followed closely by Amy.

Ange turns to Sienna with a grin “Sometimes I wonder how close those two are.” Ange frowns as she spots the strange look on Sienna's face. “What's wrong.”

Sienna grins “Two of the best eh? “ She looks towards the pilot ready room then to the Dragonfly next to her Firblog then back to Ange. “you rated.”

Ange grins and starts to head towards the ready room where flight suits were ready. “You bet your arse.”

“Get these ships into the tube.” Sienna shouts as the two women enter the changing rooms.

Less then five minutes later the two are saddled up and in the launch tubes.

8 Months earlier.

Cva outpost

A lone Firblog shoots out the launch tubes disappearing into warp.

In the command centre Equinox Deadlus looks up from the goat in front of him and curses shouting into the intercom. “Fucking Orchidia. Mariska, Death scramble get after her.”

Less then a minute later the Dragonfly of Justine “JD” Death and the Eniherji of Eliza “Dame Death” Mariska shot out the launch tubes and disappeared into warp in the same direction as “Nauticaa's” Firblog.

In the command centre “C&C” The voices of the two response pilot's could be heard.

“Stay frosty JD.”

“Come on Dame It aint been that long since I flew this.”

*Chuckle* “Its been too long this side.”

“Know what yo...” *static* “Wait whats that.”

Present day Dec 111yc

The two fighters speed out from the launch tube of the TGA Hope navigating around the multiple capital ships moored outside and fall into perfect formation.

In C&C Commander Chopin piped the comm chatter though the speakers.

“Stay tight Overlord I'm lead.”

“Roger Nauticaa on your 6”

“Got it on scan stand by. Overlord go right.”

“Going right.”

“Control seems to be a...... What the hell.”

“He's right behind you break Nauticaa fucking Break.”

To be continued.........

Saturday, 12 December 2009


Thinking something I'm accused of not often doing but recently have found myself doing too much of.

As I looked though my camera drones at the TBR battle cruisers flanking my Abaddon class battle ship I found myself doing it again.

This time I found myself thinking back to when I was in Idle. A green as hell Hurricane pilot without a care in New Eden. Since then I've gained experince, contacts, allies and most of all foes.

As one of the Hurricanes of TBRA flew past my bow I swore if by oem miracle I ever wore TBR coulers again I'd fit a few of those ships and go bac to how it was but older and wiser

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

No Hope?

Five days. Its been five days since Naut left me to rejoin the Rabbits and still no response about my rejoining.

Mabey I was right and Carm was wrong there is no hope.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

one step closer

I sit in my Pilgrim class recon and sigh as I think about what had happened in the past few months since I'd left the Gurista's. I was broke out my revive by the Familar voice of Amy "Cynobaby1" Reyn broke though my comm system.

"Big humpty ready to Jump."

"Roger." I sent back smiling once again to myself that I was being trusted enough to do this. "Stand by. Cyno up." I sent as I decloaked and ordered the beacon lit.

"Hold Cynobaby1. Hold. Wait for my order." The curt but soft accent of Nauticaa broke threw just as I spotted the great hull of her Thanatos class carrier appear above me so close I can see the name embroised on the green hull no prefix just "Hope". I heard Amy sign proberly wondering why after 4 unevental jumps me and Naut was insisting on doing things by the book.

"All clear bring that tub in." No sooner had Nauticaa said this then I saw the hull of thr Rorqul class captial appear beside her carrier.

Both caps docked ust as my cyno died and I docked as well. I head to the docing bay Amy is using and grin as I see Naut already there. "Had same idea then?" Naut just nods and we both snap to attenion and nod our respect as the Caldari women appears.

"You have my thanks I'll tell Mia you said hi." Cynobaby1 was cold as normal but passed me a envelope before departing I opened it and smiled inside was mine and Nauts Golden rabbit Gurista's insignas left on Cmder Choplins desk all those weeks ago. We may not be Rabbits again yet but we're one step closer.