Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Midnight return

The cyno died and the Massive bulk of the Moros class Dreadnought was slowly towed into the docking bay.

As she came to a rest next to the Thanatos carrier already there the small amount of deckhands working this late had to wonder why 2 capitals bearing the Markings of the Amarr Empire was docking at this station at the dead of night. Although the station orbiting Ishomilken five was officialey a State Protectorate Facility it was well known it was controlled by the Gurista's

A small green haired Gallente women broke away from the small group of techs and headed towards the un docking ramp of the Moros the Engraving on its side clearly visible now “HMS Hood”

A tall slender young women in the uniform of a Amarr Arch Lieutenant descended the ramp and grinned as she saw the Gallente. “Hows the sprog Mia?”

Mia grins a hand dropping to her stomach. “Fine. Good to see you “Home” Sienna.

The Lieutenant grins, despite her uniform clearly not a Amarrain. “Any ideas what this is about? Chopin says get here I get here but have to admit I'm curious.”

The pair head to a gantry overlooking the pair of capitals the bow of a Abaddon class Battleship can be seen being carefully unloaded from the Carrier as Mia shakes her head. “You probably know as much as me. Does the fact your carrying a 'Baddon mean Eliza's coming?”

Sienna shrugs as the pair make towards the Hanger's exit. “No idea but she mentioned something about her slaves being here. So she may clone Jump if she's called.”

The Pair reach the exit and Sienna sighs.”Time to go see if my quarters are still mine I'll catch you later kiddo.” Sienna hugs the smaller women and disappears down a corridor.