Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Causality and Electus

Its funny how things change, not 3 weeks ago I told my sister Alice there was no place in the republic for me. She took it ok however when I told a friend of mine, Challis, this he pushed a little harder.

"So your giving up at the first Hurdle? Did you think it would be easy."

I have to admit he gave me cause to think, I hate giving up and as any that has fought me will say I rarely do so or run.

So I swallowed my pride and sent a Message

I have to admit I wasn't expecting any response but within a few days I was contacted by Arnulf Ogunkoya, A member of Causlity, a EM corp that was willing to give me a chance.

So now here I am, on my 3rd year as a capsuleer and trying the straight and narrow path again, and have to say I really hope I dont fuck it up this time. If I dont maybe just maybe I can make up for my past and finally earn the right to call myself Matari.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

OOC: Thats it.

Right the reason I play this game has disapeared. (seems it was a bit of bullshit)

If I wasnt basilcy playing this game solo I may of carriedon regradless.

As it is unless I find a corp I enjoy for Dame in the next week or so, I'm gonna do something I hate doing and give up.

Was fun while it lasted and No you cant has my stuff :P

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Eliza leaned on the railing over looking her hanger and smiled as she saw a Nomad class Jump freighter being towed into position, to offload. at the far end.

As she watched the hanger crew offload a Fleet issue Tempest, and start to move it into position to be fit and ready to launch at a moments notice, she heard foot steps behind her. Without turning, a smile formed on her lips again “I see you brought the rusty stuff first.”

Alice frowned slightly, she had hoped to be able to sneak up on her sister, a feat she hadn't ever been able to do. The frown turned into a small smirk as she gestured to the Revelation class dreadnought “Resolution” and Archon class carrier “Destiny” that dominated the hanger. “Well you already have too much slaver stuff for my liking.”

Eliza chucked as she put a bare, heavily scarred and tattooed arm around her sister shoulders pulling her closer “Well you sold most my Matari stuff remember.”

Alice smiled weakly “Well you needed a break Liz, and I'll have your hanger stocked again in a few more trips.” She frowned slightly as she looked up to her sister noticing new tattoos on her face, she beamed as she noticed they matched her own “The Kal'tu's took you in?”

Eliza raised her hand to her face and nodded “Yeah, even when I told them I didn't plan on staying in the republic.” She paused looking at her sister, waiting to see how she took this news.

To Eliza's surprise the younger Brutor nodded. “Yeah I have to admit you was right, seems the capsuleers of the republic don't give a shit you helped kick CVA out of providence, the fact you once served them is enough to condemn you.” Alice chucked a weak smile at her sister as Eliza's face darkened a little.

“I did more then serve them kiddo,” Eliza leaned on the railing again, looking over to where techs was piling boxes of ammo against the hanger walls, avoiding her sisters eyes. “I flew for them, killed for them, so well in fact that my owner at the time,” she paused and sighed as Alice looked away from her at this, Eliza had never discussed her time in slavery with her before. “My owner of the time decided to free me, rather doing what I should of done, left the empire and sought out my own people, I continued to serve as a free pilot of CVA. If I hadn't seen Chopin in trouble that day I may of still been flying for them.” Eliza smiled weakly as she turned to look at her sister. “I couldn't leave a friend in trouble, even if we wasn't as close back then as we are now.”

Alice was surprised to see tears in her sisters eyes, Eliza rarely showed any kind of weakness or even softness. She felt her own eyes watering and when she spoke her voice shook. “Why?”

Because their was a corp once”,weather Eliza really misunderstood the question was unclear, however Alice suspected she deliberately answered this way and she decided to let Eliza finish. “Don't think you know them, they was called Ghost Festival and I left them when they was in trouble.” Eliza sighed once again leaning over the railings. “I have never forgiven myself for it and it remains one of the biggest mistakes I've made. I swore to myself I'd never let a friend die, lose a ship or suffer in any way if I could stop it again.”

Alice placed a hand on her sisters shoulder “That's not what I meant Liz.”

Eliza sighed again as she turned to once again look into her sisters eyes. “I was raised as a Kameira kiddo,” she looked at her sisters build, Alice's arms as toned and muscled as her own. “And I suspect if you hadn't been smuggled out of the Empire when you was a kid you would have been as well. It's not a excuse and it isn't meant to be but you did ask.” At her sisters nod Eliza continued. “They drilled their faith into me, made me believe from birth that what I was doing was right. It took me a long time, too long to overcome that. Every time I thought I had, something would happen that made me return to it, until you came along that is. You was my saving grace kid, I had no idea you even existed until the beginning of this year yet seeing you made me think about it and find out where I came from. I'll never serve the Empire again, you've given me hope, a clan and most importunity a sister I care about .”

Alice just said two words, trying to keep herself from breaking down into tears. “The Kal'tu's?”

Eliza nodded “They know the important bits, I wouldn't take their offer of adoption until I had told them my past.”

Alice looked at the women who had come to be known as “Dame Death”, a warrior known for her short temper, Prowess in combat both in space and on ground and until the beginning of the year her inability to choose a side in the Matari versus Amarr conflict. She shook her head then embraced her sister in a hug. “Liz I'll always love you as a sister and as long as you promise your never return to the slavers I'll always be by your side.”

Eliza returned the hug and smiled weakly. “Kid I've done some awful things in my past, but I broke a Amarrians nose last night for trying to get me to return, I said I never will and I wont.”

Alice broke free of the embrace and returned the smile “So what you gonna do now?”

Eliza shook her head “To be honest kid, I don't know, I'm exploring a option recently reopened to me after a long time. But its a long shot and may not happen.” Eliza looked back out to her hanger “When you've finished restocking this place I'll actively try and find out in space. Until then I'm just trying the route that doesn't involve blowing people up” Eliza smirked at her sister.

Alice smiled back “Well I'll try and hurry up, but for now I've gotta go Liz, sorry but need to make this run. And think about what you've told me.”

Eliza just nodded as her sister headed towards the pod gantry's to her nomad and returned to looking out over her hanger.

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Eliza walked out the space port and turned towards the town looking at the women beside her “Alice is gonna be pissed I flew.”

Kali, still wearing the flight suit of a home defence fighter pilot smiled and shook her head. “She'll be OK with it. After all you was defending Matari space from Sansha and she is a Kal'tu.”

Eliza chuckled “Yeh, you flew well out there today Kali.”

The other Brutor smiled “You didn't call me kid.”

Eliza looked at the women only a few days ago had attacked her and smiled “You flew well enough to earn that.”

Kali smiled again the sighed as the pair entered the dojo owned by the Kal'tus “Yeh its a shame in a way I'll rarely fly a Einherji again, I heard this morning I got accepted to Republic University's Capsuleer program.”

Eliza chuckled and slapped the other Brutor playfully on the back “Grats, and don't worry I still have time to fly my fighters now and then.”

Kali chuckled as Elizas comm beeped then frowned as she saw the expression on the other woman's face “Whats up?”

Eliza shook her head “That little.........“ She looked at Kali, “A mates sister seems to of ran away, to come to me of all people I've gotta go pick her up.”

Kali raised a eyebrow but just said “I'll fly come on” The two women rushed back towards the space port.

A week later

Eliza watched the shuttle carrying Cami and Cia take off then looked up as Kali approached rubbing the new socket on the back of her neck. Eliza chuckled “Don't worry your get used to it.”

Kali smiled a bit “Yeh hope so, So what you gonna do now the brats back with her sister and safe?”

Eliza shurged “Well Alice said she releases me from my promise to stay in the republic guess she realised I ain't welcome here.” Eliza smiled weakly “Guess I'll head back to Palmon got some friends near there and its kinda fun.”

Kali chuckled “Yeh, Knowing your kind of fun I feel sorry for people round there but hope you sort shit out.”

Eliza just shook her head as the pair walked towards the pub.

Monday, 4 October 2010

First day on Huggar

The bar tender looked up as the women entered, she was young no older then 24, but his old eyes spotted the fact she walked with the grace of a trained fighter. This alone wasn't enough to worry him to much after all her facial tattoos did proclaim her as Brutor like himself. What was cause to worry was they didn't state her clan, unusual in itself but when coupled with the fact she was wearing a long jacket and trousers witch hid any others she may have it was down right curious.

However he had been a barman long enough that when she approached the bar and asked in fluent, though he didn't recognise the accent, Matari for a Ale he poured it without question, though looking into her eyes he saw more years there then her age betrayed. “This kids seen too many battles.” He thought. She payed and sat at the bar pushing her red braids back from in front of her eyes revealing multi pierced ears for a second.

He shrugged to himself and headed to the next customer chucking a glance at a group of people in the corner most wearing uniforms of TLF crewman and marines, not capsuleers but normal grunts like he had been back in his youth.

He let out a smile, remembering past battles,as the group of soldiers started singing.

“Men of Auga stop your dreaming
Can't you see their Hull plates gleaming
See their Ion trails streaming
To this battlefield “

He served the drink then turned his gaze back on the odd women and frowned as he saw her lips moving and heard her voice over that of the group the song now on its third verse.

“From the hills rebounding
Let this song be sounding
Summon all at Sasa's call
The mighty force surrounding “

The bartender shook his head as he spotted that the group had also noticed the red head singing it and a few had started to head over. As they reached her he started taking the more expensive bottles off the shelf putting them under the bar top.

“And what right do you have to sing that?” The speaker was another Brutor female this one not hiding the tattoos she had.

The bar tender put the last bottle under the bar and stood up just as the red head stood up herself sliding her jacket off “You have no idea Kid.”

The sight of the redheads arms made even the grizzled bartender do a double take, They was covered not only in tattoos but by dozens of small raised unusual looking scars, “Been a while since I saw those.”

The Scarred women grinned “Long time since I met someone who knew what they was.”

The bar tender shook his head at the small group confronting the women “I wouldn't.”

Most the group moved off except the women who had spoken who charged at the red head. “Don't call me Kid.” The bartender winced as the red head moved too swiftly to follow and defy moved to the side sending the other Brutor over the bar into the empty shelves, she then slid down the wall coming to a rest in a heap on the floor, before sitting back down and sipping her drink.

Now intrigued the tender moved over to her “Whats your name,” He lowered his voice “Kameira?”

The women sighed “Eliza Mariska and kindly don't call me that.”

The barman went to respond when another patron stood up “Alice's sister?” A Brutor bearing the marks of the Kal'tu clan, the owners of the local training dojo moved up to stand beside her.

Eliza nodded “Yeh,”

The Brutor chuckled “I'm Talis Kal'tu, her clan brother and that kid you so neatly put on her arse is Kali her sister as well.”

Eliza smiled “Yeh sorry about that” She offered a hand to Kali who was coming round and helped her up.

Kali shook her head “Don't worry about it, hell if I'd known who you was I'd of brought you a drink not attacked you.”

Eliza chuckled putting her jacket back on “You took my blood in, and offered me your hospitably without ever meeting me. I think I'll be paying for the drinks while I'm here.”

The bar tender looked on perplexed as the group decided to go and see where Eliza would be staying he then raised a Eyebrow as Eliza chucked a chip on the bar “Sorry bout the damage” The bartender swiftly pocketed the chip as the group left. She had given him a 2mil Isk chip more then enough to buy his bar many times over,he wondered for a second why someone that rich to be tossing that about would drink in a “local” but wiped it from his mind and went about the business of placing bottles back on shelves.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

TLF Again

Men of Auga stop your dreaming
Can't you see their Hull plates gleaming
See their Ion trails streaming
To this battlefield

Men of Auga stand ye steady
It cannot be ever said ye
For the battle were not ready
Stand and never yield

From the hills rebounding
Let this song be sounding
Summon all at Sasa's call
The mighty force surrounding

Men of Auga on to glory
This will ever be your story
Keep these burning words before ye
Matari will not yield

I smiled as I heard the song come over the comms, these midday patrols were always the most boring but needed to be done.

"Stay frosty lads, And remember theres some women of auga to." As my fleet laughed I checked the Camera drones of my dramial and saw that the compund was ours. "one down"

"Night hawk at my "Plex" gate." the call came though a litle rushed.

"Right guys be ready." I set course for the gate reported and as I exited warp I smiled The pilot hadnt left probally wondering why he couldent enter, I got point and shortly after the command ship wasnt bothering us any more

"Right Sasa jobs done I'm rtbing then standing down." I sent the message and after reciving the reply of "Good job Mariska." I left the fleet and started home.

I started thinking as I headed back to base, it has been 3 weeks since I left piracy behind on the request of my sister and have to admit its done me good.

As I dock up at base I smile to myself and decide its time to find a place to call home.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Coveant Attack

The Falcon touched down and from her capsule Ja'li Dertian sent a message to the hold.

“Your in rest is up to you I've done my part.”

Eliza Mariska double clicked her comm to acknowledge and looked at the only other member of her squad.

Vincent Pryce, The veto insignia on his dark combat suit blacked out, Checked his rifle one last time before slinging it onto his back and clipping his knives into place on his belt. “So far so good.”

Eliza nodded and checked her own weapons before drawing a silenced pistol “Lets go.”

The bay doors opened at Ja'li's code. And the two capsuleers passed into the Covenant of Ithiria Deritan.

Eliza looked at the Gallente as they walked unopposed towards the barracks “This is too easy where the fuck is everyone.”

Vince chucked the Brutor a sly grin “Don't Complain” as the pair entered the lobby in front of the slave barracks. Eliza broke into a run as she spotted a corpse on the floor and knelt next to it.

“Fuck its Kay. Vince check inside.”

“Their here but asleep and Fuck me Lizzy she looks just like you.”

Eliza flashed a weak grin as she laid her jacket over the body of the young Jin-Mei “I forgot you'd never met Alice better I wake her you get Sienna.”

She headed inside and carefully nudged the sleeping form of her sister “Hey Kid time to roll.”

Alice Mariska grumbled as her eyes snapped open suddenly fully awake “Don't call me kid and took you long enough.”

Eliza shook her head and unslung her rifle handing it to the younger Brutor. Looking over her shoulder she saw Vince doing the same to Sienna who looked at Eliza with red eyes. “Kay....they Kill..........”

Eliza nodded “Yes she's outside Ill take her Vince take point.” At the Gallente's nod she walked over to the body of Kaylee Orchidia and hoisted her carefully over her shoulder.

The group headed back to the Falcon without incident Eliza shook her head as they boarded the ship. “That was to easy.”

5 hours later.

Vincent Pryce stood a bit away from the smouldering pyre watching the Brutor scoop up the ashes.
Eliza then pulled a knife from her belt and cut a long gash in her arm without flinching.

Vince raised a eyebrow slightly as Eliza then rubbed the ashes into the wound and held them there until it stopped bleeding before heading back over to the ships.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


The words said by Eliza Mariska CAG of the Alcys and Capsuleer at the memioral for the bomber pilots lost in the attack.

Pilots, friends.

We have just sent off 40 of our Wingmen and yes they may of survived if as some of you are saying we had just blasted the planet some of you have come to call “The shit hole” from orbit.

But think of this why when the mission was simple recon would we wanna kill that many people? The person who set the charges killed your friends not Your command staff.

Yes we took a bloody nose but we will recover and come back stronger then ever to get our revenge. Lets leave this in the past until then and think of the future.

Yes we're alone Yes this ship rarley see's the actian it deserves but NO we are not without hope.

I may be a capsuleer but as the older pilots amoungst you will know I'm nearly always up there with you I die outta the pod thats it I'm gone.

So to you I say this We will previl we will continue and we will WIN.

Now drink hearty guys send them off in style.

Destruction at Dawn

The Achlys recovered from her jump and aligned to the planet on either side of her Sub Capitals and two Thanatos class carriers bearing the Markings of Citadel, Lonetrek and Forge Guristas bands formed up flanking the Nyx class super carrier.

On bored the Achlys the only capsuleer of the fleet Sienna “Nauticaa” Orchidia opened up a comm channel.

“Right guys you know the plan simple Re-con mission with a twist we go in land troops and raid the databases for information concerning the location of Kaylee Orchida and Angelina Ballentyne,”

Sienna waited for a moment for the cat calls on the Guristas ships and even amongst her own crew at the mention of Ange to die down, She was one of them and they knew it.

“Remember your training trust the guy next to you and we're get though this and be one step closer to bringing them home. Battle stations.”

At her last words controlled chaos erupted as bomber pilots scrambled into space to be joined by the fighter escort from the carriers.

As the fleet exited warp in orbit of the planet, A lightly defended outlying Deritan estate 5 frigates and 5 cruiser rose to meet the formidable assault force.

Down on the planet the dawn was ruined as the sky suddenly grew darker as thousands of missiles rose to meet the defence force quickly followed by 10 explosions.

Aboard the Achlys sienna smiled at the reports her bombers had taken down the land based batteries before they could make any major effect on her fleet, She made a note to praise the Guristas TRIAGE ability as she gave the order for drop ships to land.

50 Attack ships each bearing squads of 20 Guristas detached from the under belly of the Nyx and headed towards the planet, Fighters and Bombers followed closely in escort formation.

“Red leader this is Assault one we are touching down”

“Copy that Red blue and green squads pull up prepare to offer Air support.”

But as the fighters started to come about to form a perimeter a massive explosion rocked the estates .

Aboard the Achlys Sienna watched in horror as all 40 fighters in the air was destroyed by the blast as well as the drop ships and All of the estates.

“Fuck all ships BUG BUG BUG I repeat all ships pull out.”

The Nyx and the two thanatos's started to apply remote reps to any and all ships as the fleet started to turn away trying to out run the blast coming towards them.

“All ships away ma'am” The report came in from the captain of the lead Thanatos.

“Roger that get outta here”

“Not until you do Ma'am.”

Sienna swore but order the Achlys to align just as the mighty ship reached full speed she was rocked as the blast reached the 3 ships.

“Damage report.”

“Half armour Ma'am that was a hellva blast but were here.”

“The Degauss and Victory?” Sienna named the 2 Guristas Carriers that were on her flank

“Degauss is gone Ma'am Victory is badly hurt and listing our DC party's are en-route already.”

Sienna nodded to herself and sent a message preparing to rescue whatever crew members from the doomed Thanatos's as she could before pulling out.

On the other side of New Eden Eliza read the message then looked at the sleeping form of Dia beside her and held her head in her hands “What the fuck have I done.”

Friday, 18 June 2010

Past Sins

I guide my Vagabond cruiser carefully along the length of the Achlys, Sienna's Nyx class Super Carrier while looking though my camera drones at the bulk of the Gallente built ship.

A sense of alarm fills me for a second as I see a Archon class carrier bearing the markings of the 1st Praetorian Guard passes unhindered though the shields of the star base, it leaves as I see docking tendrils extend from both it and the Super carrier and realise sienna is refitting.

I sigh as I know she's refitting to leave. I dunno where and I doubt even she does but I hope the fact she is being assisted by a 1PG carrier doesn't mean she's returning to the empire.

I turn my back on the “Achlys” probably for the last time and set off.

The Empire, my masters before I lost my memory and became a capsuleer. And who I believed I should serve as soon as I found this out. Holy shit what a mistake that was.

I can still remember the look on mryh's and the others faces when I left and the wardec came in. Thinking back I have no idea why I did that and will never forgive myself for it. But that doesn't change the fact, I did it. I betrayed the people who took me in when I was at the lowest I'd been at until now.

I gave her a chimera the other day. I really hope she doesn't think it was to make up for what I did. I want to of course but its something isk cant do.

I direct the Heavy assault cruiser though another Stargate and sigh again.

How the hell am I supposed to make up for betraying my friends. When I was a Kameira I wouldnt of dreamed of it. Why now I'm one of the immortals would I do that.

I let out a scream the sound hidden by the fluid surrounding me. That part of my past will never be forgotten as it shouldn't but I swear now if I can make up for it I will.

Now how to do it without fighting beside them that's the hard part.

**The Vagabond speeds away towards a belt.**

Sunday, 13 June 2010

the biggest fuck up yet

A rare OOC post just cus I need to get it off my chest will do a IC one soon(tm)

Right I no stranger to fuck ups and have been making them since the day I left Preta.

But I have to say this is my biggest yet and may cause me to quit eve. About a week ago i spoke to a old mate of mine and got invited to join his Cry Havoc corp.

I've just got a Nyx for my alt so thought “hell ya time to use it.>”

unfortunately hedliner (my mate) then decided to go on holiday and his 2ic “the nova” well seems he doesn't like me :P

so after burning all my bridges I'm now corpless and tbqfh screwed.

Well that's my bitching done for now will make a IC one when I know how dames RP is going or if I quiting witch tbh I dont wanna do.

Josh/Dame/the rest of the army

Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Meeting

Diane looked up from her paperwork at the Brutor female sitting patiently across from her in Commander Chopins waiting room and frowned. What was she doing here again and what was so important she was willing to wait 2 hours just to see the Brass.

The Brutor looked up as the office door opened and Diane hurriedly looked away.

Chopin appeared in the door way of the office and looked at the Brutor who stood out of respect raising a eyebrow “Guess you better come in Eliza.”

Eliza “Dame Death” Mariska followed the Black rabbits CEO into his office and stood smartly in front of the desk, snapping a salute to the 2 caldari already stood either side Federic “Gilgamesh1980” Chopin's chair as he settles into it.

Ryan Masonary and Amy “Cynobaby1” Rheyne the two commanders of the White rabbits the industry corp of TGA ignored the salute both eyeing the red haired Ushra'Khan warrior with some distaste. Chopin however nodded and indicated the seat opposite him pulling a pad out of a pile while Eliza Sat down.

“I some how always knew you'd be back Eliza.” Chopin looked up from the pad. “However these two have some issues.”

The Brutor sighed slightly “Permission to speak freely sir?” At Chopin's nod she continued “Sir every time I leave I come back I have the Rabbits in my blood and cannot see myself leaving again If thes....” Eliza stopped short as Chopin raised a hand.

“Your in Kid don't worry I said you was so you was.” Federic didn't seem to notice the face Amy made at this.

The slight Caldari women spoke up “However you're friend Mia is not welcome in TWR I promised her one return and she used that a few months ago.”

Ryan, The CEO of TWR spoke for the first time. “If and only if you prove yourself will she be allowed. I warned you last time.”

Eliza sighed “I guess I expected that. Me and The commander have seen battle together many a time Sometimes just the two of us and maybe sienna versus up to 200. My honour is the only thing I Have left after changing corps so many times. I'm a warrior so if I can prove myself to you two via fighting I will if not I guess Mia wont be able to supply me as easy.”

Chopin seemed to detect the tenseness of the two white rabbits as he Nodded to Eliza and said “Dismissed get your billet sorted tell Sienna to contact me when she's ready.”

Eliza “Dame Death” Mariska now a Rabbit again nodded and headed out of the office.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Time to ride into Hell

(( re: this/ ))

I looked down at the message again feeling more anger then I had in a long time.

“Gallicia has Camilla” There was a set of coordinates as well.

The door to her room burst open and Sienna rushed in followed by a few other pilots. “When we move?.”

I shook my head “I cant ask you to do this guys.”

I smiled slightly as the whole group burst out laughing with various calls of “you didn't”

A few minutes later I was on board my revelation looking at Sienna's Nyx spooling up its Jump drive. I twisted my drones around and saw the other ships of this small feet preparing for battle.

It was time to come for my people again, This time a personal friend.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Random Musings

Blood traitor.

Two words that have been used to describe me a lot lately. Although never by those Matari that fight beside me everyday. When I put this to my comrades in U'K a few weeks ago and asked to be tried the response I got from a few I have to admit made me smile a bit

“fuck that shit. someone much higher up than me gave you an opportunity to prove yourself in the ushra'kahn, and that' all I need to trust you”

This was proven a few days ago when, due to Sienna assisting some old friends of ours in the bleaks, we was both asked to either promise not to do it ever again or leave TDR.

I've already abandoned enough friends in my past so for me this wasn't a option and Sienna agreed. However within a few hours of this being known we was offered places in most other corps in the Alliance.

So whatever I was in the past, Angel. Ammatar, Gurista doesn't matter.

I stand now proud as a fleet commander of the Ushra'Khan who's being called blood traitor by Matari who most the time are not even out of school yet. Guess what I have to figure out is how to convince them I've changed without fighting beside them.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Return to g-5 Part one



I guide my Curse class recon into the docking bay my camera drones picking up the Vagabond class assault cruiser on my flank.

I dock and as I disembark I see the pilot of the Vaga is who I thought it would be.

Karn Mithralia...... A foe I have always respected now a allie and one of the few I know still holds some respect for me.

He gives me a curt nod and we exit the hanger in silence the assault rifles over each of our backs sign that the station wasn't quite secure.

We head deeper inside going down to where the old “re educational” facility was the marines we pass given Karn a quick salute. I follow the other Brutor silently tensing as we exit the lift at the sound of small arms laser fire.

I chuck a glance to my left and see Karn already bringing his rifle to bear, I do the same knowing the marines hadn't got this deep yet.

As we round the corner still yet to say a word to each other I see 2 figures in Amarr uniforms pouring fire into a group of slaves crowed against the bulkheads.

It comes without thinking the rifle comes up and the two figures fall. Looking closer I see their Brutor and hear Karn mutter “Fucking Ammatar.” he makes a call and soon a squad of troops arrive to take care of the survivors and we continue.

We turn a corner and I stop there in front of us is the great doors of the “Re-educational” facility.

Without a word me and Karn head to the doors and standing on opssite sides push them open.
After a few barges they give way and a foul stench Emerges.

Ten months earlier

I check my weapon and head in the slaves lining the walls all securely tied. The two guards behind me point me towards the back. “She's over there.”

I nod and head over to the back ignoring the glares I'm getting from the Matari salves and reach my target.

I saw the vherokior blue eyes staring into my own silently asking for mercy. But I had my orders I put my pistol up against her head and fired.

The guards moved forward to remove the body but I wave them back. “No leave it that's what terrorists get.”

Present day

I lean against the wall and see Karn moving to support me I wave him back “I'm fine.”

I gather myself and head inside.

To be continued.........

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New Colours, Old Sins


Unknown system.


I willed the small but powerful Purifier class bomber forward slowly careful to stay cloaked. While looking the station in front of me over.

As I passed over the top I saw the red fist painted on the stations surface. The same emblem was painted on the ships out side it. I once again checked my cloak, It didn't matter it was painted on the underbelly of my hull as well I had been fighting these guys for almost 2 years and was consided a blood traitor by many of them. Wouldn't be surprised if they saw the Amarr hull and opened up.

Not without reason did I have this tag, For the past 18months on and off I've been flying under the flag of the Amarr empire.

I increased my orbit making sure to avoid the patrol vessel's that may de cloak me. “Where was she.”

I double checked the message Sienna had sent me Yes I was in the right place so where was she.

Suddenly my proximity alarms sounded a Thanatos class carrier had landed right on top of me. I banked sharply up my cloak disengaged my heart in my mouth as I noticed the U'K markings.

“About time you showed up Eliza get that thing on bored already.” The familiar Jen-Mei voice put me at ease as I guided the frigate into one of the hanger bays.

One hour later.

I look over the table in the bar at Sienna her Jen-Mei skin almost as dark as my own.

“Its strange being on the other side I'll say that.”

She smiles weakly putting her drink down looking straight at me.

“This is it Eliza no more switching sides. Makk has given us the chance probably getting ripped into for it to. You swap again I will not follow you.”

I nod slowly knowing she speaks the truth and is serious.

“I'm as fed up as moving as you are Sienna don't worry. Going to be hard to be trusted though, Hell your have it hard enough but I'm a Brutor that's spent 2 years helping the Amarr,”

She nods and stands up heading to the Exit. “Just keep your head down fight like hell and hope for the best, It'll work out if you fight for it.”

Sienna leaves leaving me to think on her words.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Midnight return

The cyno died and the Massive bulk of the Moros class Dreadnought was slowly towed into the docking bay.

As she came to a rest next to the Thanatos carrier already there the small amount of deckhands working this late had to wonder why 2 capitals bearing the Markings of the Amarr Empire was docking at this station at the dead of night. Although the station orbiting Ishomilken five was officialey a State Protectorate Facility it was well known it was controlled by the Gurista's

A small green haired Gallente women broke away from the small group of techs and headed towards the un docking ramp of the Moros the Engraving on its side clearly visible now “HMS Hood”

A tall slender young women in the uniform of a Amarr Arch Lieutenant descended the ramp and grinned as she saw the Gallente. “Hows the sprog Mia?”

Mia grins a hand dropping to her stomach. “Fine. Good to see you “Home” Sienna.

The Lieutenant grins, despite her uniform clearly not a Amarrain. “Any ideas what this is about? Chopin says get here I get here but have to admit I'm curious.”

The pair head to a gantry overlooking the pair of capitals the bow of a Abaddon class Battleship can be seen being carefully unloaded from the Carrier as Mia shakes her head. “You probably know as much as me. Does the fact your carrying a 'Baddon mean Eliza's coming?”

Sienna shrugs as the pair make towards the Hanger's exit. “No idea but she mentioned something about her slaves being here. So she may clone Jump if she's called.”

The Pair reach the exit and Sienna sighs.”Time to go see if my quarters are still mine I'll catch you later kiddo.” Sienna hugs the smaller women and disappears down a corridor.