Sunday, 28 November 2010

OOC: Thats it.

Right the reason I play this game has disapeared. (seems it was a bit of bullshit)

If I wasnt basilcy playing this game solo I may of carriedon regradless.

As it is unless I find a corp I enjoy for Dame in the next week or so, I'm gonna do something I hate doing and give up.

Was fun while it lasted and No you cant has my stuff :P

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Eliza leaned on the railing over looking her hanger and smiled as she saw a Nomad class Jump freighter being towed into position, to offload. at the far end.

As she watched the hanger crew offload a Fleet issue Tempest, and start to move it into position to be fit and ready to launch at a moments notice, she heard foot steps behind her. Without turning, a smile formed on her lips again “I see you brought the rusty stuff first.”

Alice frowned slightly, she had hoped to be able to sneak up on her sister, a feat she hadn't ever been able to do. The frown turned into a small smirk as she gestured to the Revelation class dreadnought “Resolution” and Archon class carrier “Destiny” that dominated the hanger. “Well you already have too much slaver stuff for my liking.”

Eliza chucked as she put a bare, heavily scarred and tattooed arm around her sister shoulders pulling her closer “Well you sold most my Matari stuff remember.”

Alice smiled weakly “Well you needed a break Liz, and I'll have your hanger stocked again in a few more trips.” She frowned slightly as she looked up to her sister noticing new tattoos on her face, she beamed as she noticed they matched her own “The Kal'tu's took you in?”

Eliza raised her hand to her face and nodded “Yeah, even when I told them I didn't plan on staying in the republic.” She paused looking at her sister, waiting to see how she took this news.

To Eliza's surprise the younger Brutor nodded. “Yeah I have to admit you was right, seems the capsuleers of the republic don't give a shit you helped kick CVA out of providence, the fact you once served them is enough to condemn you.” Alice chucked a weak smile at her sister as Eliza's face darkened a little.

“I did more then serve them kiddo,” Eliza leaned on the railing again, looking over to where techs was piling boxes of ammo against the hanger walls, avoiding her sisters eyes. “I flew for them, killed for them, so well in fact that my owner at the time,” she paused and sighed as Alice looked away from her at this, Eliza had never discussed her time in slavery with her before. “My owner of the time decided to free me, rather doing what I should of done, left the empire and sought out my own people, I continued to serve as a free pilot of CVA. If I hadn't seen Chopin in trouble that day I may of still been flying for them.” Eliza smiled weakly as she turned to look at her sister. “I couldn't leave a friend in trouble, even if we wasn't as close back then as we are now.”

Alice was surprised to see tears in her sisters eyes, Eliza rarely showed any kind of weakness or even softness. She felt her own eyes watering and when she spoke her voice shook. “Why?”

Because their was a corp once”,weather Eliza really misunderstood the question was unclear, however Alice suspected she deliberately answered this way and she decided to let Eliza finish. “Don't think you know them, they was called Ghost Festival and I left them when they was in trouble.” Eliza sighed once again leaning over the railings. “I have never forgiven myself for it and it remains one of the biggest mistakes I've made. I swore to myself I'd never let a friend die, lose a ship or suffer in any way if I could stop it again.”

Alice placed a hand on her sisters shoulder “That's not what I meant Liz.”

Eliza sighed again as she turned to once again look into her sisters eyes. “I was raised as a Kameira kiddo,” she looked at her sisters build, Alice's arms as toned and muscled as her own. “And I suspect if you hadn't been smuggled out of the Empire when you was a kid you would have been as well. It's not a excuse and it isn't meant to be but you did ask.” At her sisters nod Eliza continued. “They drilled their faith into me, made me believe from birth that what I was doing was right. It took me a long time, too long to overcome that. Every time I thought I had, something would happen that made me return to it, until you came along that is. You was my saving grace kid, I had no idea you even existed until the beginning of this year yet seeing you made me think about it and find out where I came from. I'll never serve the Empire again, you've given me hope, a clan and most importunity a sister I care about .”

Alice just said two words, trying to keep herself from breaking down into tears. “The Kal'tu's?”

Eliza nodded “They know the important bits, I wouldn't take their offer of adoption until I had told them my past.”

Alice looked at the women who had come to be known as “Dame Death”, a warrior known for her short temper, Prowess in combat both in space and on ground and until the beginning of the year her inability to choose a side in the Matari versus Amarr conflict. She shook her head then embraced her sister in a hug. “Liz I'll always love you as a sister and as long as you promise your never return to the slavers I'll always be by your side.”

Eliza returned the hug and smiled weakly. “Kid I've done some awful things in my past, but I broke a Amarrians nose last night for trying to get me to return, I said I never will and I wont.”

Alice broke free of the embrace and returned the smile “So what you gonna do now?”

Eliza shook her head “To be honest kid, I don't know, I'm exploring a option recently reopened to me after a long time. But its a long shot and may not happen.” Eliza looked back out to her hanger “When you've finished restocking this place I'll actively try and find out in space. Until then I'm just trying the route that doesn't involve blowing people up” Eliza smirked at her sister.

Alice smiled back “Well I'll try and hurry up, but for now I've gotta go Liz, sorry but need to make this run. And think about what you've told me.”

Eliza just nodded as her sister headed towards the pod gantry's to her nomad and returned to looking out over her hanger.

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Eliza walked out the space port and turned towards the town looking at the women beside her “Alice is gonna be pissed I flew.”

Kali, still wearing the flight suit of a home defence fighter pilot smiled and shook her head. “She'll be OK with it. After all you was defending Matari space from Sansha and she is a Kal'tu.”

Eliza chuckled “Yeh, you flew well out there today Kali.”

The other Brutor smiled “You didn't call me kid.”

Eliza looked at the women only a few days ago had attacked her and smiled “You flew well enough to earn that.”

Kali smiled again the sighed as the pair entered the dojo owned by the Kal'tus “Yeh its a shame in a way I'll rarely fly a Einherji again, I heard this morning I got accepted to Republic University's Capsuleer program.”

Eliza chuckled and slapped the other Brutor playfully on the back “Grats, and don't worry I still have time to fly my fighters now and then.”

Kali chuckled as Elizas comm beeped then frowned as she saw the expression on the other woman's face “Whats up?”

Eliza shook her head “That little.........“ She looked at Kali, “A mates sister seems to of ran away, to come to me of all people I've gotta go pick her up.”

Kali raised a eyebrow but just said “I'll fly come on” The two women rushed back towards the space port.

A week later

Eliza watched the shuttle carrying Cami and Cia take off then looked up as Kali approached rubbing the new socket on the back of her neck. Eliza chuckled “Don't worry your get used to it.”

Kali smiled a bit “Yeh hope so, So what you gonna do now the brats back with her sister and safe?”

Eliza shurged “Well Alice said she releases me from my promise to stay in the republic guess she realised I ain't welcome here.” Eliza smiled weakly “Guess I'll head back to Palmon got some friends near there and its kinda fun.”

Kali chuckled “Yeh, Knowing your kind of fun I feel sorry for people round there but hope you sort shit out.”

Eliza just shook her head as the pair walked towards the pub.