Saturday, 7 August 2010

Coveant Attack

The Falcon touched down and from her capsule Ja'li Dertian sent a message to the hold.

“Your in rest is up to you I've done my part.”

Eliza Mariska double clicked her comm to acknowledge and looked at the only other member of her squad.

Vincent Pryce, The veto insignia on his dark combat suit blacked out, Checked his rifle one last time before slinging it onto his back and clipping his knives into place on his belt. “So far so good.”

Eliza nodded and checked her own weapons before drawing a silenced pistol “Lets go.”

The bay doors opened at Ja'li's code. And the two capsuleers passed into the Covenant of Ithiria Deritan.

Eliza looked at the Gallente as they walked unopposed towards the barracks “This is too easy where the fuck is everyone.”

Vince chucked the Brutor a sly grin “Don't Complain” as the pair entered the lobby in front of the slave barracks. Eliza broke into a run as she spotted a corpse on the floor and knelt next to it.

“Fuck its Kay. Vince check inside.”

“Their here but asleep and Fuck me Lizzy she looks just like you.”

Eliza flashed a weak grin as she laid her jacket over the body of the young Jin-Mei “I forgot you'd never met Alice better I wake her you get Sienna.”

She headed inside and carefully nudged the sleeping form of her sister “Hey Kid time to roll.”

Alice Mariska grumbled as her eyes snapped open suddenly fully awake “Don't call me kid and took you long enough.”

Eliza shook her head and unslung her rifle handing it to the younger Brutor. Looking over her shoulder she saw Vince doing the same to Sienna who looked at Eliza with red eyes. “Kay....they Kill..........”

Eliza nodded “Yes she's outside Ill take her Vince take point.” At the Gallente's nod she walked over to the body of Kaylee Orchidia and hoisted her carefully over her shoulder.

The group headed back to the Falcon without incident Eliza shook her head as they boarded the ship. “That was to easy.”

5 hours later.

Vincent Pryce stood a bit away from the smouldering pyre watching the Brutor scoop up the ashes.
Eliza then pulled a knife from her belt and cut a long gash in her arm without flinching.

Vince raised a eyebrow slightly as Eliza then rubbed the ashes into the wound and held them there until it stopped bleeding before heading back over to the ships.