Wednesday, 29 June 2011



The order came though, and I directed my Nidhogger to make the jump, the “Birthright” wasn't my first choice of carrier to do a “hot drop” but she was combat fit and in range, more then could be said for my Archons,

As my systems recovered from the jump my overview lit up, I was surrounded by about 60 Amarr militia, I didn't panic, I may not of liked it but they was friendly for a change, I ordered my fighters to attack the Target Archon, their bastards markings standing out amongst the CVA and Corim fighters also on route,

The pilot activated his self destruct systems but under our not small amount of DPS died in about 30seconds, after mopping up I piggy backed on the Corim cyno back to their base, planing to make my way back later.

It was then I was given a choice, did I wanna join corim and do that sort of thing more often, have to say it is tempting, but so is staying in Bastards, out of all my corp changes this may be the hardest to decide.