Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Meeting

Diane looked up from her paperwork at the Brutor female sitting patiently across from her in Commander Chopins waiting room and frowned. What was she doing here again and what was so important she was willing to wait 2 hours just to see the Brass.

The Brutor looked up as the office door opened and Diane hurriedly looked away.

Chopin appeared in the door way of the office and looked at the Brutor who stood out of respect raising a eyebrow “Guess you better come in Eliza.”

Eliza “Dame Death” Mariska followed the Black rabbits CEO into his office and stood smartly in front of the desk, snapping a salute to the 2 caldari already stood either side Federic “Gilgamesh1980” Chopin's chair as he settles into it.

Ryan Masonary and Amy “Cynobaby1” Rheyne the two commanders of the White rabbits the industry corp of TGA ignored the salute both eyeing the red haired Ushra'Khan warrior with some distaste. Chopin however nodded and indicated the seat opposite him pulling a pad out of a pile while Eliza Sat down.

“I some how always knew you'd be back Eliza.” Chopin looked up from the pad. “However these two have some issues.”

The Brutor sighed slightly “Permission to speak freely sir?” At Chopin's nod she continued “Sir every time I leave I come back I have the Rabbits in my blood and cannot see myself leaving again If thes....” Eliza stopped short as Chopin raised a hand.

“Your in Kid don't worry I said you was so you was.” Federic didn't seem to notice the face Amy made at this.

The slight Caldari women spoke up “However you're friend Mia is not welcome in TWR I promised her one return and she used that a few months ago.”

Ryan, The CEO of TWR spoke for the first time. “If and only if you prove yourself will she be allowed. I warned you last time.”

Eliza sighed “I guess I expected that. Me and The commander have seen battle together many a time Sometimes just the two of us and maybe sienna versus up to 200. My honour is the only thing I Have left after changing corps so many times. I'm a warrior so if I can prove myself to you two via fighting I will if not I guess Mia wont be able to supply me as easy.”

Chopin seemed to detect the tenseness of the two white rabbits as he Nodded to Eliza and said “Dismissed get your billet sorted tell Sienna to contact me when she's ready.”

Eliza “Dame Death” Mariska now a Rabbit again nodded and headed out of the office.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Time to ride into Hell

(( re: this/ ))

I looked down at the message again feeling more anger then I had in a long time.

“Gallicia has Camilla” There was a set of coordinates as well.

The door to her room burst open and Sienna rushed in followed by a few other pilots. “When we move?.”

I shook my head “I cant ask you to do this guys.”

I smiled slightly as the whole group burst out laughing with various calls of “you didn't”

A few minutes later I was on board my revelation looking at Sienna's Nyx spooling up its Jump drive. I twisted my drones around and saw the other ships of this small feet preparing for battle.

It was time to come for my people again, This time a personal friend.