Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Causality and Electus

Its funny how things change, not 3 weeks ago I told my sister Alice there was no place in the republic for me. She took it ok however when I told a friend of mine, Challis, this he pushed a little harder.

"So your giving up at the first Hurdle? Did you think it would be easy."

I have to admit he gave me cause to think, I hate giving up and as any that has fought me will say I rarely do so or run.

So I swallowed my pride and sent a Message

I have to admit I wasn't expecting any response but within a few days I was contacted by Arnulf Ogunkoya, A member of Causlity, a EM corp that was willing to give me a chance.

So now here I am, on my 3rd year as a capsuleer and trying the straight and narrow path again, and have to say I really hope I dont fuck it up this time. If I dont maybe just maybe I can make up for my past and finally earn the right to call myself Matari.