Friday, 18 September 2009


A Brutor stands infront of a table a starnge look on her face and a badge in each hand. In the right the golden rabits head of the Guristas in the left the 3 rabbit skull logo of TGA,

She pins the Guristas emblem to her chest then sighs as tshe puts the TGA one into a envolped mark "Cmdr Chopin."

As she does this 4 more women a Jen-Mi, Civre, Gallente and annother Brutor enter and stand behind her each wearing the Gurista's emblem on their chest and holding a envolope of their own.

Without saying anything they each pat Eliza on the shoulder and place their envol opes next to hers.

Eliza looks to the group and without saying anything heads to the exit closley followed by the rest.

One group of freinds bound by the Guristas forever but not limited to TGA head out the door.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bloody Amarrians.

I looked at the peice of paper in my hands for the 5th time, still not believing it. "Suspended from the Rabbits until further notice."

Sure, I'd left, but I realized this is where my heart is and returned immediately.

It seems the Drake I shot while it was neutral was kicking up a fuss. I don't know why, as he had 2 carriers and 10 bc's with him and I just had my Cane and Nauticaa in her Carrier. Not my fault they didn't have the balls.

Bloody Amarrians, guess they can't be trusted even when they fly under the Gurista flag. I truly thought Chopin was different. Hell, I gave up a shit-ton to have the pleasure of flying under him again.

Well, it's done now and I'm left with a choice: do I wait and see if I can rejoin, or take my axe somewhere else.

Thing is I have no idea where to go. I could go back to Assah where I know I'd get blues immediately and cause trouble 'round there. I could talk to Menace about going back to EAK or I could do what has been bugging me recently and rejoin my friends in the Crusade. Thing is, even though I have friends there, that is the only reason I'd return and I'm not sure I can stomach fighting for the Empire again. Or, do I take Makk up on his offer and join U'K... although I have to say, cloaks give me a rash.

Friday, 11 September 2009

A break

I watched my last Battleship being loaded onto Nauts carrier and sighed to myself.

I am leaving TBR, Hopefuly not forever but for a while at least. I am and always will be still a Gurista but for the moment my style of combat and TBR's dont match.

I looked over to the window of section_8 and saw JD Mia and Alice standing there.

Alice... shes still a mystery to me but she is my sister. She seems still bothered by something and I will not rest until I find out what that is.

While those three remain in TGA I will be back. Just for now I can help both them and myself more by doing what Im doing.

I nod to myself as I board the transport to my new base. I will be back maybe not for a while but in the end and I'll be better at my job when I am.

Monday, 7 September 2009

candys excuse (story wrote for a mate)

A siren sounded though the halls of Isho V in Section_8 the few Black rabbits gathered exchanged worried looks before rushing for their ships. Even though Alarms were common in this station this particular one meant something all TBR members knew and feared. White rabbit in trouble

.In the OP's centre Federic "Gilgamesh1980" Chopin watched the Intel come in with a frown. He sighed as he realised it wasn’t Amy 'Cynobaby1' Reyn in trouble. He then frowned harder as he read the rest and activated the intercom.

"We have rouge Guristas in Jan they have taken and are holding hostage "Bad Candy."

On the hanger deck all eyes flashed towards the younger of the candy sisters. "Mean Candy" had a determined look on her face as she stepped into the pod below her Sleipnir.

The Intercom continued. "We have been authorized by HQ to eliminate these Rouges, Mean we're with you if you need us. Gil, out"

As the rest of TBR were "Saddling up." The Sleipnir of "Mean Candy" burst out the hanger."I’ll handle it." Was all that was heard before she was off scan.