Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dogfight Part one

December 111yc
In orbit of Ishomilkeen V
Hanger bay Thanatos class Carrier TGA Hope.

A blond women carrying a clip bored walks though the racks of fighters and assorted support craft glancing around. She spots a pair of Green trousered legs sticking out from underneath a firblog set off in the corner all that was near it was a Dragonfly and a Einherji all 3 looking battle-worn.

As She got closer the Blond noticed each of these 3 fighters had a silver engraved plate below the cockpit.

On the Green/grey hull of the Firblog it read “Lt Sienna “Nauticaa” Orchidia

On the blue/green hull of the Dragonfly it read “Justine “JD” Death

And lastly on the red hull of the Einherji it read “Eliza “Dame Death” MariMariska.

As the blond gets closer she chuckles and says aloud. “I see why you wouldn't let my auditors near these.”

A bang, a hiss and swearing can be heard from underneath the fighter as a Olive skinned dark haired women slides out on a roller board covered in oil “Bloody hell Ange.”

Ange chuckle and leans against the Firblog. The black rabbits badge clearly shown on her old Caldari Navy flight Jacket. “Its a improvement Sienna ” Ange gets a rag off the wing and hands it to Sienna.

“Yeh yeh” Sienna wipes her face then looks down at her green pilot suit Black rabbits insignia on the right shoulder the wings of a Firblog pilot on her left breast “Been too long since I wore this and yeh no one touches these ships.”

Angelina Bellentyne placed her IA clip bored on the floor and circled the Firblog. “Looks likes she's seen some action.”

Sienna nods. “That she has they should be here Ange.” Sienna shakes her long black hair loose and hoists herself onto the small wing of her Firblog. “JD's MIA presumed KIA and Eliza well you probably know more about that then me.”

Ange stops by the Tail fin of the firblog looking up at it with a frown. Clearly marked there as well as on the other two was the CVA markings. “They need a paint Job. And as for Eliza her time will come give it time the Commander forgives slowly if at all.”

Sienna nods. “Yeh been meaning to do that Ill do them all at the same time.” She sighs as she hoists herself off the wing and goes stands by the Eniherji looking at the kills marked in between the Name plaque and the cockpit.. “He seems to forgiven me....”

Sienna is cut off by a chuckle and a familer voice that makes both women snap to attention. “Not quite but your getting there.”

The two Women snap a sharp salute off as Supreme Commander Federic “Gilgamesh1980” Chopin steps into view closely flanked by Amy “Cynobaby1” Ryen “At ease.”

The two women follow this order with parade ground persision. As the Commander continues “Were talk about that later right now we've picked up a strange signal on system scanner tell your CAG I want the two best you have to go take a look that is all.” With this Chopin turns and walks out the hanger followed closely by Amy.

Ange turns to Sienna with a grin “Sometimes I wonder how close those two are.” Ange frowns as she spots the strange look on Sienna's face. “What's wrong.”

Sienna grins “Two of the best eh? “ She looks towards the pilot ready room then to the Dragonfly next to her Firblog then back to Ange. “you rated.”

Ange grins and starts to head towards the ready room where flight suits were ready. “You bet your arse.”

“Get these ships into the tube.” Sienna shouts as the two women enter the changing rooms.

Less then five minutes later the two are saddled up and in the launch tubes.

8 Months earlier.

Cva outpost

A lone Firblog shoots out the launch tubes disappearing into warp.

In the command centre Equinox Deadlus looks up from the goat in front of him and curses shouting into the intercom. “Fucking Orchidia. Mariska, Death scramble get after her.”

Less then a minute later the Dragonfly of Justine “JD” Death and the Eniherji of Eliza “Dame Death” Mariska shot out the launch tubes and disappeared into warp in the same direction as “Nauticaa's” Firblog.

In the command centre “C&C” The voices of the two response pilot's could be heard.

“Stay frosty JD.”

“Come on Dame It aint been that long since I flew this.”

*Chuckle* “Its been too long this side.”

“Know what yo...” *static* “Wait whats that.”

Present day Dec 111yc

The two fighters speed out from the launch tube of the TGA Hope navigating around the multiple capital ships moored outside and fall into perfect formation.

In C&C Commander Chopin piped the comm chatter though the speakers.

“Stay tight Overlord I'm lead.”

“Roger Nauticaa on your 6”

“Got it on scan stand by. Overlord go right.”

“Going right.”

“Control seems to be a...... What the hell.”

“He's right behind you break Nauticaa fucking Break.”

To be continued.........

Saturday, 12 December 2009


Thinking something I'm accused of not often doing but recently have found myself doing too much of.

As I looked though my camera drones at the TBR battle cruisers flanking my Abaddon class battle ship I found myself doing it again.

This time I found myself thinking back to when I was in Idle. A green as hell Hurricane pilot without a care in New Eden. Since then I've gained experince, contacts, allies and most of all foes.

As one of the Hurricanes of TBRA flew past my bow I swore if by oem miracle I ever wore TBR coulers again I'd fit a few of those ships and go bac to how it was but older and wiser

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

No Hope?

Five days. Its been five days since Naut left me to rejoin the Rabbits and still no response about my rejoining.

Mabey I was right and Carm was wrong there is no hope.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

one step closer

I sit in my Pilgrim class recon and sigh as I think about what had happened in the past few months since I'd left the Gurista's. I was broke out my revive by the Familar voice of Amy "Cynobaby1" Reyn broke though my comm system.

"Big humpty ready to Jump."

"Roger." I sent back smiling once again to myself that I was being trusted enough to do this. "Stand by. Cyno up." I sent as I decloaked and ordered the beacon lit.

"Hold Cynobaby1. Hold. Wait for my order." The curt but soft accent of Nauticaa broke threw just as I spotted the great hull of her Thanatos class carrier appear above me so close I can see the name embroised on the green hull no prefix just "Hope". I heard Amy sign proberly wondering why after 4 unevental jumps me and Naut was insisting on doing things by the book.

"All clear bring that tub in." No sooner had Nauticaa said this then I saw the hull of thr Rorqul class captial appear beside her carrier.

Both caps docked ust as my cyno died and I docked as well. I head to the docing bay Amy is using and grin as I see Naut already there. "Had same idea then?" Naut just nods and we both snap to attenion and nod our respect as the Caldari women appears.

"You have my thanks I'll tell Mia you said hi." Cynobaby1 was cold as normal but passed me a envelope before departing I opened it and smiled inside was mine and Nauts Golden rabbit Gurista's insignas left on Cmder Choplins desk all those weeks ago. We may not be Rabbits again yet but we're one step closer.

Friday, 18 September 2009


A Brutor stands infront of a table a starnge look on her face and a badge in each hand. In the right the golden rabits head of the Guristas in the left the 3 rabbit skull logo of TGA,

She pins the Guristas emblem to her chest then sighs as tshe puts the TGA one into a envolped mark "Cmdr Chopin."

As she does this 4 more women a Jen-Mi, Civre, Gallente and annother Brutor enter and stand behind her each wearing the Gurista's emblem on their chest and holding a envolope of their own.

Without saying anything they each pat Eliza on the shoulder and place their envol opes next to hers.

Eliza looks to the group and without saying anything heads to the exit closley followed by the rest.

One group of freinds bound by the Guristas forever but not limited to TGA head out the door.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bloody Amarrians.

I looked at the peice of paper in my hands for the 5th time, still not believing it. "Suspended from the Rabbits until further notice."

Sure, I'd left, but I realized this is where my heart is and returned immediately.

It seems the Drake I shot while it was neutral was kicking up a fuss. I don't know why, as he had 2 carriers and 10 bc's with him and I just had my Cane and Nauticaa in her Carrier. Not my fault they didn't have the balls.

Bloody Amarrians, guess they can't be trusted even when they fly under the Gurista flag. I truly thought Chopin was different. Hell, I gave up a shit-ton to have the pleasure of flying under him again.

Well, it's done now and I'm left with a choice: do I wait and see if I can rejoin, or take my axe somewhere else.

Thing is I have no idea where to go. I could go back to Assah where I know I'd get blues immediately and cause trouble 'round there. I could talk to Menace about going back to EAK or I could do what has been bugging me recently and rejoin my friends in the Crusade. Thing is, even though I have friends there, that is the only reason I'd return and I'm not sure I can stomach fighting for the Empire again. Or, do I take Makk up on his offer and join U'K... although I have to say, cloaks give me a rash.

Friday, 11 September 2009

A break

I watched my last Battleship being loaded onto Nauts carrier and sighed to myself.

I am leaving TBR, Hopefuly not forever but for a while at least. I am and always will be still a Gurista but for the moment my style of combat and TBR's dont match.

I looked over to the window of section_8 and saw JD Mia and Alice standing there.

Alice... shes still a mystery to me but she is my sister. She seems still bothered by something and I will not rest until I find out what that is.

While those three remain in TGA I will be back. Just for now I can help both them and myself more by doing what Im doing.

I nod to myself as I board the transport to my new base. I will be back maybe not for a while but in the end and I'll be better at my job when I am.

Monday, 7 September 2009

candys excuse (story wrote for a mate)

A siren sounded though the halls of Isho V in Section_8 the few Black rabbits gathered exchanged worried looks before rushing for their ships. Even though Alarms were common in this station this particular one meant something all TBR members knew and feared. White rabbit in trouble

.In the OP's centre Federic "Gilgamesh1980" Chopin watched the Intel come in with a frown. He sighed as he realised it wasn’t Amy 'Cynobaby1' Reyn in trouble. He then frowned harder as he read the rest and activated the intercom.

"We have rouge Guristas in Jan they have taken and are holding hostage "Bad Candy."

On the hanger deck all eyes flashed towards the younger of the candy sisters. "Mean Candy" had a determined look on her face as she stepped into the pod below her Sleipnir.

The Intercom continued. "We have been authorized by HQ to eliminate these Rouges, Mean we're with you if you need us. Gil, out"

As the rest of TBR were "Saddling up." The Sleipnir of "Mean Candy" burst out the hanger."I’ll handle it." Was all that was heard before she was off scan.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Nauts Return

The sky lit up as the Cyno field flared out aginst the night sky. The Patrons in section_8 looked out of the exterior window as a Moros Class dreadnaught cynoed in. A few Guristas recognized the markings and cheers rang out. Nauticaa had returned home.

As a Thanatos undocked to meet her and gaurd the cyno boat, Section_8 emptied as there was a mad rush towards the docking bay; leading the crowd was Justine Death, otherwise known as JD.

They crowded around the rails overlooking the bay as the mighty Gallente ship crawled its way into dock once again cheering as the Jin-mei stepped out, moisture still visible on her hair and olive skin.

JD ducks under the railing and rushes towards Naut "Changed your mind then?"

Nauticaa chuckles and returns JD's hug "Yep, Eff didn't wanna know so I guess its time to make a new Family with the Guristas. Where's Eliza?"

Jd shrugs as a voice speaks up and Carmilla D'Morenta slips into view from behind JD. "I saw her going down below. Don't know why."

The mood suddenly changes as JD and Naut look at each other, worried. Naut gestures to a group of crewmen disembarking "You six come with us, the other five stay with Carm."

The crowd parts to let the group of eight Guristas pass. All eight have a determined look on their face and draw their blasters as they enter the elevator.

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Family. One word that I have never fully understood.

Oh, I know what it means, and have seen it in others - most recently Ange and her sisters - but the closest I've ever come to it was the comradeship of my fellow pilots.

That all changed yesterday. It seems I have a little sister. Well, not that little, she's 18 and a capsuleer herself. In the service of the Sansha no less.
*Eliza sighs* The cruelty of the Empire is still chasing me even after I've left it behind.

It seems we were separated from our parents at a early age. Me to start my Kameira training and her to become the plaything of Amarr nobles.

Well, it seems I've gone from having no family to having two. My comrades in arms and my little sister. I guess the first thing I have to do is convince her to leave the Sansha.

I hate these kind of problems, they can't be solved by shooting something.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Back to basics

Isho V State protectorate logistic support.

From the outside it looks just like any one of the dozens of such stations around the area. But inside things are totally different.The first sign somethings amiss is the fact that, unlike most stations of its kind, the capsuleer ships outside it don't bear the markings of Caldari Militia, but those of the Guristas. More specifically those of The Black Rabbits.

Upon entering its obvious that if there are any state employees on this station they are heavily bribed. The signs of the Guristas are everywhere, especially along the corridor leading to the hanger assigned to the rabbits. Propaganda lines the walls and the noise from "Section_8" drowns out most of the actions in the corridor.

The hanger itself is immense. Workers in guristas uniforms constantly busy refueling and rearming the sizable fleet of the Rabbits. On a balcony overlooking the hanger in front of the bay window off "Section_8" two figures, a Brutor and a Civire are leaning on the railings.

The Brutor, Eliza "Dame Death" Mariska, turns to to the Civire , Simply called JD. "Yeh I know, You've said it often enough."

JD chuckles "Just saying its good to be back Eliza we both know we wasn't happy in the Empire, shame Naut is leaving us though."

The Brutor nods. "Yeh and maybe Kalta too. She did just lose her mother after all if the rumors are true. But its gonna be like old times just me and you, well and the Guristas of course."

The pair start slightly as a small cough comes from behind them turning they see a petite green haired Gallente. JD pulls the teenager closer in a big sister like grip "Dont forget Mia here" JD chuckles.

Eliza ruffles the youngsters hair "Who could forget Mia now shall we head to OP's? Nauts about to leave I believe."

The Gallente and Civire nod and follow the Brutor to the command center of the station. Like all areas its obvious the true owners of this station are the Guristas. Through the view port a Moros Class dreadnought can be seen as well as smaller sub capital ships.

Without warning all Guristas ships and the stations sentry guns fire a salute. just as suddenly the Moros cynos out and Nauticaa leaves their lives.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Log Entry 08/08/111yc

*Eliza appears on screen, her eyes red as if she's been crying*

What did I become......

I'm finding it hard to even talk to other Matari, now that I'm free of whatever drugs the Amarr pumped into my system, I realize how monstrous I must have appeared to them.

*Eliza looks at her bare, scar-covered arms* When those drugs were removed, my scars became visible. They're everywhere, all caused by the Amarr.

The thought I willingly went into slavery makes me sick, even though I now know I wasnt entirely myself, it's no excuse.

*Eliza turns away, showing the scars on her back to the camera as she looks at something off screen. She then returns her gaze to the camera*

The few Matari I've spoken to within the Guristas seem to be ok with me. I think it's because they see we're all now serving the same cause, but I'm not sure I'm ever gonna forgive myself.

I went to a party at Three Sisters tonight, I had donated a Fleet Issue Tempest to it so thought it polite to make a showing. I kinda wish I hadn't gone. I've never felt so alone. The people I called friends before I returned to the empire for the first time won't even give me a second look.

I did meet a young Matari there that I've met a few times and have to say I see a lot of myself in her. I just hope she doesn't make the same mistakes I did. I told her if she ever needs anything to let me know but I think she just thought "Damn blood traitor" and didn't belive I was only trying to help.

I would be lying to say I didn't miss the old days when I could walk into the Last Gate and have a chat with Jen. Ethan, Myrh, Kimmi. Vaden and the rest but I think there's no going back from what I did, though I can't say I blame them.

The only one from "The old crew" I still talk with is the one I thought would never talk to me again and that's KJ, I have to say I have been trying to wind him up just so he'll get mad at me, Over a comm channel, not sure what I'd do if we met face to face.

I've not seen Jen for a while and I do hope our friendship isn't complety ruined, Last I heard she had left Veto to explore wormholes.

*Eliza sighs and picks something up from the table.*

I think it's time I forgot about the past and concentrated on the future and keeping my true friends alive.

*Eliza pins the Bronze tag of a Guristas ensign to her flight jacket and slips it on*

Its time to be Eliza again and not who people want me to be. Protect my mates, fuck everyone else. Its been a while since I went by that and I think it made me a worse person not living by it.

*Eliza gets up and walks towards the door, looking back at the camera, she reaches it.*

I really regret not thinking of this before.

Mariska out.

*The feed cuts off*

Saturday, 8 August 2009

New Home, New Face

I sat in the pilots' lounge in Isho V station, Section 8, looking out at the hanger where ships of all sizes, from the academy's sizable t1 frigate fleet to TBR's battleship fleet and dominating the hanger the Dreads and Carriers of the Guristas, could be seen.

As I just sat there looking at the array of power I heard footsteps behind me. Looking around I saw Commander Chopin standing there with a few guards. "Oh crap what have I done now?" I asked jokingly.

"Not here" he replied and led me off to the stations medical bay. When we arrived he explained that the medical I had gone through when I joined TBR had picked up some drugs or something in my blood that changed my appearance and loyalties.

I don't pretend to understand this but he said it had to be purged, so it was. When I awoke after the surgery I looked a lot different: my pigmentation had returned and my tats faded and grew.

I left that operating table a new person and am now a Gurista until the bitter end.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Return

I saw the HIC as I jumped though into Isho and smiled to myself, "Here we go."

Then, something else came across the local channel. It seems my ex mistress, scouting for me in a Anathema, had been having a conversation with Federic 'Gilgamesh1980' Chopin, my old boss and the CO of The black rabbits.
The message was, "Do you still wish to fly under the TBR Flag?"

I thought about this for a moment.The thought I could be free from slavery of some form or the other for the first time in my life was too tempting to pass up.

My ship broke its cloak and started to lock the HIC as I sent over the comms, "Yes commander, it is." The Onyx suddenly stopped firing, and I released my point and watched it warp of.

After a brief chat and a quick gate fight I was back serving the Guristas; forgiven for my past crimes though I doubt they are forgotten.

Monday, 3 August 2009

The Lone Wolf

My Pod hooked into the powerful assault ship's hull and I smiled to myself. I had waited a long time for this moment: The day I flew my first Wolf.

The Wolf, named for a mythical creature found in packs. Lone wolf is a saying that had been used to describe me in the past.

As I undocked the powerful frigate I thought about this. I guess that was a good way to describe me. Always fighting always alone even when in a fleet there was very few times I actually trusted them the way I should.

I looked though my camera drones at the small but potent vessel and saw the markings on the side, no longer that of slavers, but that of my first employers the Guristas. I never thought I'd be welcome in their ranks again.

The last time I was a Cadet in TBRA, an installation I will always regret not graduating from. This time, though, I was invited back as a soldier for the Guristas via Black Rabbits.

I willed the small craft to orbit the Station taking a look at the ships out side. Nauticaa's Thanatos - she had been undecided about my new choice of career, but after her first battle alongside our new comrades, she saw that they live and die by honour. That's good enough for both of us.

As I aligned my craft towards the stargate, I smiled as a few other frigs fell into formation beside me. "Lone Wolf" no longer, I set out on the hunt.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Time to change

I sighed and grinned slightly as the last Freighter entered warp. "Job done align for POS." I sent to my crew and awaited the order to pull out while thinking about how far I had come.

Two months ago I betrayed both myself and the Empire by giving into my nature and going pirate once again. Now I was asked to be part of a small escort group for a CVA convey and if the Cargo is what I was told it was it needed a lot of trust to ask me.

I turned my Camera drones to look around my ship and thought how small this squad was just my Armageddon class battleship and an AFC Pilots Hurricane class battle cruiser. I zoomed closer in to the ‘Cane and saw the Firblogs tailing it and grinned they had my corps Markings witch meant Naut was awake and doing her Job. Even so it was a small group and I was honoured to be part of it.

"Both Freighters docked and safe thanks again and stand down." The order came in from the Admiral. "No problem Admiral anytime." I sent back and ordered my crew to warp to Naut within ten KM.

My `Geddon came out of warp alongside the Thanotos and I stopped to admire its pure size while once again seeing the CVA Markings on it and seeing how far I had come.

Their was a time she would of been setting her fighters on me without mercy but now Naut full call sign Nauticaa had become one of my closest allies. We slaved our Nav computers together and I escorted her back to station when we was both "Depodded" and in the Lounge having a well earned drink I thought about how it had come about that I was now in the service of CVA.

Basically I wasn’t happy pirating again even though I thought I would be it seems the blood of innocents is no longer something I desire. And have to say I'm glad about that. Anyhow after leaving the Gurista's I went back to kam after a few skirmishes with Amarr militia (All of which I replaced) I returned to my old quarters. Upon reaching them I saw someone, properly Admiral Grr, had arranged for 100 copies of the Pax to be delivered there. I have to say they did what whoever sent them hoped they would do and it wasn’t long before I called Equi, someone I had fought alongside before. Despite my fears he said he’d take me into his corp so now I am working once again to prove myself loyal.

Looking around the Lounge I saw plenty of pilots in CVA uniforms and I know some of them would love to see me kicked out of mine.

As I glanced around I thought to myself. "I'm not going to give them what they want it's time to start thinking more."

I also had a chat with Jen the other day I think our friendship is long gone. Have to say I'm a little sad about this but what’s done is done.

She did say one thing that is kind of bothering me. She seemed to think I was without honour whereas what I believe is honour is the one thing I pride myself on. Always honouring duels and being the last guy out the fray.

That’ll do for now may make another entry soon.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Once again new corp new home.

A lot as happened yet again and now I’m back serving the Guristas and I have to say it feels good..

It all started when I was drinking in the three sisters when Jen turned up she didn’t seem to like the fact I had let myself be enslaved and I have to admit I don’t know what I was thinking.

But that’s behind me now and even though I know I have said this before and have a lot to prove I do think I’ve finally found myself a family in the Guristas. Well when I have proven myself that is at the moment I’ve never felt so alone.

I’ve managed to alienate nearly everyone I know get barred from 2 of the most welcoming places in New Eden. The bars called “The Last Gate.” And “The Skyhook.” I’ve also found myself without any guidance what so ever a situation I haven’t been in for a while.

But it’s a small price to pay to finally be free I guess and who knows after I get myself sorted maybe things will start sorting out.

Well now that’s off my chest I’ll try and record more.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


a collection of storys by me can be found here i will still blog now and then but mainly writing storys at the moment

Monday, 9 March 2009

A lot of changes

A lot has changed since my last post. So I'll just keep IT as short and simple as I can.

I am now a slave and my new Mistress has ordered me back to the crusade.

I did say I'd never return to the lines but I must obey.

One small mercy she's allowing me to do it via AB-C a corp I've flown with many a time and respect.

This has got me once again KoS to CVA but I think it's time I stopped worrying what anyone else apart from my lady thinks.

So a quick message to the tribals.

*Grins* I'm back boys and this time for a while.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

the big mistake

the big mistake (( i cant be arsed to write it again and its a public forum))

Thursday, 29 January 2009

quick ooc post

this is a quick ooc post just to say dam its good to be trusted the reason its ooc is i did it on a alt as dame cant pop a cyno.

a mate from my old idle days asked me to pop a cyno for him i said sure logged alt on and headed over as i was heading over he told me it wasnt his thanny i was cynoing but his nyx man its good that he still trusts me . btw i asked him to pop me you know what cynoings like.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Back where she belongs

((this is a story i worte a while back it takes place just as dame enters AFC so isnt in time line with the rest))

I sigh in relieve as I finely hear “Docking request accepted “though the comms just as the -7- fleet after me lands. I say thanks into a private channel to the pilot who had warned me they was coming then depod and start to walk about the CVA station. How things have changed a few weeks ago the only time id be near a cava station would be if I was shooting at it and the only time I’d of been allowed inside would of been in chains.
As I walk though the promenade of Elpioth Gate I wonder how many of the Ammarians giving me strange looks wish I was in chains.
Feeling even more aware of my facial marks and Tribal clothing then ever I lean on the barrier overlooking the deck below and sigh. Who would have thought receiving that data file would change so much. Seems “Dame Death notorious outlaw and 36th most wanted in New Eden was and could be again. Eliza Mariska born and bred to serve the Empire. To be honest this sounds better then what I was.
I look towards the AFC office below and see movement. At the same time I receive a message saying I’m no longer considered an outlaw and may pass freely though empire. I swallow my fear aware of the massive decision I’m about to make and head down towards the office. As I enter I see my lucks in and the person I noticed from above was Shern the CEO of AFC and one of two of their members that helped me question if serving the Angels was the right thing to do.

A quick chat later I’m accepted into the AFC and am once again severing the Empire. As Shern opens comms with the -7- fleet camping me in to confirm I am friendly I take a look at myself in the mirror Admiring my new uniform and smile to myself. Dame Death notorious outlaw is dead. Eliza Mariska Novomod, Ex Kaimirea and defender of G5 is back where she belongs. I receive confirmation that -7- wont fire on me and head back towards my ship for the first time in months feeling at peace with what I am.

Confused again... big surprise

I will say one thing things were easier when I was with idle or even ghost for that matter. For vairous reasons mainly the fact that i dont agree with scaggas command stlye I now fly for the 24th crusade. But I am conflicted can I honesty say I'm willing to fight for a Empire that leaves me to die? I returned to the mandate mainly to find my past now that I have I have a decissen to make. Do I continue unhappily serving the Empire just because of my past or do I find something esle to kill for. I cant see me serving any of the Empires again but as Jen keeps pointing out theres more out there then that.

Speaking of jen she made a offer that was unexpected genourous and tempting were have to see what comes of it.

The only other thing worth recording I think is meeting Mynxee for the first time. I was out testing my new toy a navy slicer when I saw her on local We exchanged greetings and after a quick scan I saw she was in a firetail she saw I was in a slicer and that was it. We both agreed to a uick duel just for fun and met in a safe. Longest friggie fight ive ever had I cudnt catch her she didnt dent my armor after about ten minutes both pissing ourselves laughing we called it a day.

We had a quick chat afterwards where i think she might of picked up some of the feelings I've commented on here but it was a fun fight even if there was no winner.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A lot of changes

I've had a reason for not making an entry for a while it's been a confusing couple of weeks.

First of I've found my name and some of my past. Seems I was a Kameira called Eliza Mariska. I'm properly more surprised then you but it explains why I feel at home around this area.

Since my last post I've sorted my standings with concord out enlisted in the Amarr Militia via AFC. Witch is even more strange as a couple of weeks ago I was fighting these guys with all my power.

Well that’s it for now No more dame death I am now Templar Lieutenant Mariska. Novomod and proud servant of her imperial Majesty Jamyl.