Saturday, 15 August 2009

Back to basics

Isho V State protectorate logistic support.

From the outside it looks just like any one of the dozens of such stations around the area. But inside things are totally different.The first sign somethings amiss is the fact that, unlike most stations of its kind, the capsuleer ships outside it don't bear the markings of Caldari Militia, but those of the Guristas. More specifically those of The Black Rabbits.

Upon entering its obvious that if there are any state employees on this station they are heavily bribed. The signs of the Guristas are everywhere, especially along the corridor leading to the hanger assigned to the rabbits. Propaganda lines the walls and the noise from "Section_8" drowns out most of the actions in the corridor.

The hanger itself is immense. Workers in guristas uniforms constantly busy refueling and rearming the sizable fleet of the Rabbits. On a balcony overlooking the hanger in front of the bay window off "Section_8" two figures, a Brutor and a Civire are leaning on the railings.

The Brutor, Eliza "Dame Death" Mariska, turns to to the Civire , Simply called JD. "Yeh I know, You've said it often enough."

JD chuckles "Just saying its good to be back Eliza we both know we wasn't happy in the Empire, shame Naut is leaving us though."

The Brutor nods. "Yeh and maybe Kalta too. She did just lose her mother after all if the rumors are true. But its gonna be like old times just me and you, well and the Guristas of course."

The pair start slightly as a small cough comes from behind them turning they see a petite green haired Gallente. JD pulls the teenager closer in a big sister like grip "Dont forget Mia here" JD chuckles.

Eliza ruffles the youngsters hair "Who could forget Mia now shall we head to OP's? Nauts about to leave I believe."

The Gallente and Civire nod and follow the Brutor to the command center of the station. Like all areas its obvious the true owners of this station are the Guristas. Through the view port a Moros Class dreadnought can be seen as well as smaller sub capital ships.

Without warning all Guristas ships and the stations sentry guns fire a salute. just as suddenly the Moros cynos out and Nauticaa leaves their lives.

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