Thursday, 11 April 2013


Right w'eve all done it don't have a rigging skill so give to someone else to fit. So there i was in Invicta again and needed t2 rigs fit so traded them, with as your suspect a couple capital ships.

Meh got burnt as the ceo danneh took the ships and kicked me from corp.

So go on laugh but tbh as it seems i cant even trust people ive known foir near on 6 years i dont see the point of playing anymore.


Blue said...

Well if you so feel inclined please contract all stuff to Tyler Snow. :) Sad to see you leave though.

Anonymous said...

Six years of playing together and he values a few capital ships more than the work with you?

Guess you had the wrong CEO all the time. But it would be bad to loose a good player cause of someone like him. Don't let him take your fun out of eve. It's a hard loss, not the isks but the trust you thought you have.

If you speak German I would like to recruit you, but surely there are many others out there it is worth playing with. And maybe someday you can have some vengeance on your former CEO.

Unknown said...

You know you could always trust me to do your riggings on Caldari ships. Working on Gallente capitals right now, though. Have you ever known me to be dishonest about anything? IC or OOC?